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danshan / surge.conf
Last active Dec 31, 2015
config file for surge
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# This config file was created for myself (@dan).
# You may want to add or remove some rules to make efficient use of the Internet.
# This file depends on the proxy.conf which defines your own proxy.
# Your proxy.conf will look like this:
# ---- START ----
# #!PROXY-OVERRIDE:rules.conf
# [Proxy]
# Proxy = https,server.address,port,username,password
# ---- END ----
danshan /
Created Dec 4, 2015
How to combine filter and transform for Guava?
// In the latest version(12.0) of guava there will be a class named FluentIterable.
// This class provides the missing fluent API for this kind of stuff.
final Collection<String> filtered = FluentIterable
.transform(new Function<String, String>() {
public String apply(final String input) {
return input == null ? "" : input.trim();