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on run
tell application "Growl"
-- Make a list of all the notification types that this script will ever send:
set the allNotificationsList to {"IM Received", "Account Connected", "Account Disconnected", "Buddy Available", "Buddy Unavailable"}
-- Make a list of the notifications that will be enabled by default.
set the enabledNotificationsList to {"IM Received"}
-- Register our script with growl.
register as application "iChat Growl AppleScript" all notifications allNotificationsList default notifications enabledNotificationsList icon of application "iChat"
end tell
end run
daveferrara1 / ExportChromePasswords.js
Last active October 26, 2016 22:27 — forked from merqurio/ExportChromePasswords.js
var decryptedRow="";
var pm = PasswordManager.getInstance();
var model = pm.savedPasswordsList_.dataModel;
var pl = pm.savedPasswordsList_;
decryptedRow += '"Hostname","Username","Password","formSubmitURL","httpRealm","usernameField","passwordField"';
for(i=0; i<model.length; i++){