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This release includes the following changes:
- Fixed a problem with shuffling.
- Added Genres.
- Fixed a problem with skip back not working.
- Put agent status on now playing page.
- Removed stop button.
- Added navigation when tapping on artist/album in now playing.
- Show no_album_art cover until agent reports what song is being started.
- Added prompt to verify refresh all in case of accidental tap.
This release includes the following changes:
- Fixed playing while shuffling is on.
- Changed some refresh status update wording.
- Added play button to all album covers.
- Fixed play all from album detail page.
- Using system dialogs when possible now.
- Cleaned up login dialog and added captcha support.
This release includes the following changes:
- Added trial version.
- Switched to using the system tray busy indicator.
- Better status updating when a refresh is happening.
- App changes its theme with the system theme.
- Pause, play, skip next buttons on the App Bar.
- App menu options include: now playing, refresh playlists, refresh last added, refresh all, sign out, and about.
- Won't sync playlist songs that aren't on the phone.
- First run now prompts for login and asks if the user would like to refresh all.
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