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Davide Italiano dcci

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^error,msg="Driver. Received command '-unknown-command'. It was not handled. Command 'unknown-command' not in Command Factory"
-file-exec-and-symbols ./a.out
-break-insert -f main
View gist:94a4936a227d9c7627b91ae9575b7b68
$ cat
from builtins import bytes
import subprocess
import sys
from subprocess import Popen
from subprocess import PIPE
def sendCmd(process, command):
View gist:bfd7b76bb3f63bbe7c067085224545f1
dtdebugger:omega davide$ DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/swift lldb -- /Users/davide/Downloads/ -XCTest IntegrationTests.IntegrationTests/testKillContent /Users/davide/omega/omega/.build/x86_64-apple-macosx/debug/OmegaPackageTests.xctest
(lldb) target create "/Users/davide/Downloads/"
Current executable set to '/Users/davide/Downloads/' (x86_64).
(lldb) settings set -- "-XCTest" "IntegrationTests.IntegrationTests/testKillContent" "/Users/davide/omega/omega/.build/x86_64-apple-macosx/debug/OmegaPackageTests.xctest"
(lldb) r
Process 27933 launched: '/Users/davide/Downloads/' (x86_64)
Test Suite 'Selected tests' started at 2019-02-11 13:11:30.525
Test Suite 'OmegaPackageTests.xctest' started at 2019-02-11 13:11:30.525
Test Suite 'IntegrationTests' started at 2019-02-11 13:11:30.525
Test Case '-[IntegrationTests.IntegrationTests te
dcci / optout.c
Last active Nov 19, 2018
optimized out arguments
View optout.c
int fn1 (long int x, long int y, long int z) {
int l = x * 2;
int q = y * z;
return l + q;
__attribute__((noinline)) long int
fn2 (long int a, long int b, long int c)
View gist:6c881156fce549e5f67a781d359d9f0f
func f1() -> Int32 {
let x : Int32 = Int32.max
let y : Int32 = 42
return x + y
func f2(_ b : Bool) -> Int32 {
let verylarge : Int32 = Int32.max
View go home lldb, you're drunk.
davide@Davidinos-Mac-Pro ~/w/l/b/bin> ./clang ./pat.c -o pat -O1 -g
davide@Davidinos-Mac-Pro ~/w/l/b/bin> cat pat.c
int f(int x) {
return 0;
int g(int x) {
return x;
View gist:bdfa0713a02ced182667aecea65730b9
# Python reference
import lldb
def main():
dbg = lldb.SBDebugger.Create()
target = dbg.CreateTarget("a.out")
if not target:
print("Can't create target!")
return 1
View gist:da05b9308cfa3ee860248adb83fc8bac
--- pat.diff 2018-03-12 14:53:39.000000000 -0700
+++ pat2.diff 2018-03-12 14:54:14.000000000 -0700
@@ -15,25 +15,25 @@
decl: var intField: Int for 'intField' usr=s:14swift_ide_test8Myclass1C8intFieldSivp
decl: init() for '' usr=s:14swift_ide_test8Myclass1CACycfc
decl: func f1() for 'f1' usr=s:14swift_ide_test2f1yyF
-decl: func f1() for 's1ins' usr=s:14swift_ide_test2f1yyF5s1insL_AA9Mystruct1Vvp
+decl: var s1ins: Mystruct1 for 's1ins' usr=s:14swift_ide_test2f1yyF5s1insL_AA9Mystruct1Vvp
type: Mystruct1 for 's1ins' mangled=$S14swift_ide_test9Mystruct1VD
type: Int for 'intField' mangled=$SSiD
dcci / indprop.v
Created Mar 7, 2018
Inductively defined propositions in coq
View indprop.v
Inductive ev : nat -> Prop :=
| ev_0 : ev 0
| ev_SS : forall n : nat, ev n -> ev (S (S n)).
Theorem ev_4 : ev 4.
apply ev_SS.
apply ev_SS.
apply ev_0.
dcci / first.v
Last active Mar 5, 2018
software foundations
View first.v
Check 3 = 3.
Check forall n m : nat, n + m = m + n.
Definition is_three (n : nat) : Prop :=
n = 3.
Definition injective {A B} (f : A -> B) :=
forall x y : A, f x = f y -> x = y.
Lemma succ_inj : injective S.
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