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deed02392 / gist:8024069
Last active Dec 31, 2015
Bitcoin blockchain for PGP web of trust
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Start a new blockchain (colloquially the Bitcoin protocol) to store public keys and revocation certificates/notices.
- One single blockchain for the whole of the web ensures it is obvious when others attempt to impersonate you
- Revocation certificates cannot be missed as there is only a single place they should be found
- No more dealing with multiple out-of-sync public key servers, a single secure store of all PGP keys can be used
- The blockchain protocol based on scrypt() to help ensure a more balanced hashing/securing of the network, as it is an ASIC resistant algorithm
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Hello Meon!</h1>
<img src="" />
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>JS Bin</title>
<h1>Things I Like</h1>
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body {
font-family: arial;
cursor: crosshair;
h1 {
color: #00FF00;
text-align: center;
h2 {
border: thin dotted green;
deed02392 / Send-Email.ps1
Created Sep 3, 2015
PowerShell cmdlet that sends an e-mail via Outlook, with address and subject as arguments and message body from pipe
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Function Global:Send-Email {
Param (
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Ray Donovan

You're so crass

Fish and Bird - 4x06 - 21:38

Tom and Jerry

I Love You - It is a Burning Flame

The Zoot Cat - 1940x13 - 4:44

Le Bureau des Légendes

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openssl req -new -sha256 -nodes -out \* -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout \* -config <(
cat <<-EOF
default_bits = 2048
prompt = no
default_md = sha256
req_extensions = req_ext
distinguished_name = dn
[ dn ]
deed02392 /
Created Jul 22, 2017
no urllib2.URLError property called 'code'
# send the request to pushover
req = urllib2.Request(API_URL)
handle = urllib2.urlopen(req, data)
except urllib2.HTTPError as e:
logger.log(u'PUSHOVER: HTTPError: %s' % e.args, logger.ERROR)
except urllib2.URLError as e:
# HTTP status 404 if the provided email address isn't a Pushover user.
logger.log(u'PUSHOVER: URLError: %s' % e.reason, logger.ER
deed02392 / gist:a82cc86c2a6f9b23b6861de3f29e2847
Created Dec 20, 2017
Send OS X Mail Digitally Signed without Password
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If you want to digitally sign your e-mail but not provide a password to unlock your keychain every time (for example, because you want to send Automator e-mails) you can do this in a few easy steps.
1. Open Keychain Access
2. Under the Keys category, find the private key associated with your e-mail certificate
3. Double click on it to open its info
4. Open the Access Control tab, providing credentials if asked
5. Select the Allow all applications to access this item radio button and then click Save Changes
Your mail client will no longer need to elevate privileges to access the private key and will therefore be able to sign and decrypt your mail messages without password.
deed02392 / gist:7570930cdaaeba247ae88750f75c0b58
Last active Jan 10, 2018
Find and replace file names and leave softlink behind
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The following command will replace match with replace for all files in the cwd, and create a soft link to the new file name using the old file name.

$ find . -name '*.mkv' -type f -exec bash -c 'mv "$1" "${1/match/replace.}" && ln -s "${1/match/replace.}" "$1"' -- {} \;


ls -l
total 27477872
-rw-r--r--. 1 george media_ 3517838477 Jan  9 20:04 match04e01.mkv