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Devin Rhode devinrhode2

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devinrhode2 / .zshrc
Created Apr 18, 2019
highlights from my zshrc
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# Make this your ~/.zshrc file and make sure to do the zgen install steps here:
# You'll also need to change the default shell to zsh:
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/rhoded/Desktop/Archive2/Visual\ Studio\
ulimit -n 10240 unlimited
devinrhode2 / update-your-mustache.js
Created Jul 8, 2012
Why not hookup mustache templates to auto-update?
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/* by Devin Rhode (@Devinrhode2)
Mustache templates are a one-time operation.
I realized this doesn't have a to be, and having them auto-update is *extremely trivial*
So, we have this mustache:
<p>Hello, {{username}}</p>
View console method extensions with sentry logging.html
<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"
onerror="if(confirm('Connection lost\n\nReload?')) location.reload();"></script>
// String.includes polyfill from v1.0.0 by @mathias
if (!String.prototype.includes) {
(function() {
'use strict'; // needed to support `apply`/`call` with `undefined`/`null`
var toString = {}.toString;
var defineProperty = (function() {
// IE 8 only supports `Object.defineProperty` on DOM elements
devinrhode2 / decorators.js
Created Nov 27, 2018 — forked from RSNara/decorators.js
An example of using decorators in ES5.
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function memoize(object, name, descriptor) {
var fn = descriptor.value;
var memoized = function() {
memoized.cache = memoized.cache || {};
var key = JSON.stringify(arguments);
return memoized.cache[key] = memoized.cache[key]
? memoized.cache[key]
: fn.apply(this, arguments);
descriptor.value = memoized;
devinrhode2 / StrictjQuery3.js
Last active Nov 27, 2018
warn on empty jquery selection badSelectorAction devinrhode2
View StrictjQuery3.js
// simple working copy pasta version (requires extendFunction.js, devinrhode2/extendFunction.js
window.failsafe = 'failsafe';
// Don't like throwing errors? Define $.badSelectorAction to be whatever you want.
function badSelectorAction( selector, context, originalResult ) {
if (window.console && console.warn) {
console.warn( '$(\''+selector+'\') selected nothing. Do $(sel, "failsafe") to silence warning. Context:', context);
devinrhode2 / StrictjQuery.js.markdown
Last active Nov 27, 2018
warn on empty jquery selection badSelectorAction devinrhode2
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warn on empty jquery selection

Graduated to github:

But for the simple version (quite possibly better): (wait no its broke use the one on GH)

Warns when you have an empty jQuery selection, unless you do $('foo', failsafe);

  $.badSelectorAction = function badSelectorActionFn( selector, context ) {
devinrhode2 / typeCheck.js
Last active Nov 19, 2018
Working on a typeCheck function
View typeCheck.js
function postTweet(tweet /*string*/, from /*string*/) {
postTweet('string', 'asdf');
postTweet('string', 222); //TypeError! run in console to see a nice error message!
function typeCheck(a) {
var newArr = [];
var types = [];
var f = a.callee.toString();
devinrhode2 / TraceKitSupplement.js
Last active Nov 19, 2018
Stuff I've added to my error reporting/handling stuff in addition to TraceKit.js, ideally in a few months I don't write any of this code
View TraceKitSupplement.js
function exceptionalException(message) {
'use strict';
if (exceptionalException.emailErrors !== false) {
exceptionalException.emailErrors = confirm('We had an error reporting an error! Please email us so we can fix it?');
//exceptionalException('try 1!');
//exceptionalException('try 2!');
devinrhode2 /
Last active Nov 18, 2018
git post/pre-push hook to upload changes over ftp

git pre-push/post-push ftp upload code

I'm looking to share what I've done and potentially get improvements on this code snippet from others - my pre-push hook for pushing to ftp:

$ code .git/hooks/pre-push

Works like a charm, but I'd love to not push unless I know there are no unmerged changes I should pull. I'm not sure how to do that. I know, if there are changes, a git hook should do exit 1 to abort the git push.

I searched around for a post-push hook but that proved to be a much more daunting task, because git does not have a post-push hook.

View force-globals-require.js
/** vim: et:ts=4:sw=4:sts=4
* @license RequireJS 2.3.6 Copyright jQuery Foundation and other contributors.
* Released under MIT license,
//Not using strict: uneven strict support in browsers, #392, and causes
//problems with requirejs.exec()/transpiler plugins that may not be strict.
/*jslint regexp: true, nomen: true, sloppy: true */
/*global window, navigator, document, importScripts, setTimeout, opera */
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