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David Hoerl dhoerl

  • New Jersey, USA
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dhoerl / KeychainItemWrapper.h
Last active Aug 14, 2019
KeychainItemWrapper ARCified. Added the ability to manage a dictionary in place of just a string - the #define PASSWORD_USES_DATA in the .m file switches the mode.
View KeychainItemWrapper.h
File: KeychainItemWrapper.h
Objective-C wrapper for accessing a single keychain item.
Version: 1.2 - ARCified
Disclaimer: IMPORTANT: This Apple software is supplied to you by Apple
Inc. ("Apple") in consideration of your agreement to the following
terms, and your use, installation, modification or redistribution of
dhoerl / Asymmetric.swift
Last active Dec 23, 2018
Implement asymmetric cryptography for distributed app where keys can both be stored as strings
View Asymmetric.swift
// Asymmetric.swift
// Created by David Hoerl on 12/23/18.
// Copyright © 2018 David Hoerl. All rights reserved.
This is the portion you need in the distributed app, which uses the public key that can appear in plain text
dhoerl / AppDelegate(category).m
Created Jul 26, 2012
Keychain Wrapper for dictionary (NSData) not a single NSString
View AppDelegate(category).m
static NSString *kcIdentifier = @"MyApp";
@implementation LTAppDelegate (KeyChain)
- (void)keychainInit
self.keychainDict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithCapacity:7];
KeychainItemWrapper *item = [[KeychainItemWrapper alloc] initWithIdentifier:kcIdentifier accessGroup:nil];
[self.keychainDict setObject:@"" forKey:kcEmailAddress];
dhoerl / freeDiskSpace.m
Created Jun 20, 2012
Getting the Free Disk Space on an iOS device
View freeDiskSpace.m
- (uint64_t)freeDiskspace
uint64_t totalFreeSpace = 0;
__autoreleasing NSError *error = nil;
NSString *path = [self applicationDocumentsDirectory];
NSDictionary *dictionary = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] attributesOfFileSystemForPath:path error: &error];
if (dictionary) {
NSNumber *freeFileSystemSizeInBytes = [dictionary objectForKey:NSFileSystemFreeSize];
dhoerl / README.txt
Created Jan 29, 2012
std::string using printf style format strings
View README.txt
Prefer printf to the C++ iosstream methods? Now you can create a string using printf style format strings, and also append formatted string to existing strings.
Inspired by:
dhoerl / DavidTop10
Created May 13, 2015
Swift: David's Top 10 "Do This" List
View DavidTop10
David's Top 10: Do That When Writing Swift
1) Purchase Dash (OS X and iOS) and get Swift from (invaluable reference, I use it daily!)
2) Use Enums for UIView tags and SegmentedControl segments;
enum MyViews: Int { case OKButton=1...} then switch MyViews(rawValue: view.tag)
also for states (somewhat replaces C's X-Macros, helps during debugging)
dhoerl / HowTo.txt
Created Jan 27, 2012
Converting a NSDictionary to a Binary PList
View HowTo.txt
When I posted this on Apple’s Cocoadev listserver, I never did get pointers to code to convert a NSDictionary to a binary formatted plist, but did get pointers to look at NSPropertyListSerialization - something I had already (mis)read a few times.
The description for the dataFromPropertyList class method seems confusing if you don't understand that you can create a property list with no keys: that is, you can create one with a single compliant object, and the key becomes "root".
So, in the unlikely event that some else someday has the same mental block, here is actual tested code that takes a NSDictionary and creates a binary plist file:
NSDictionary *dict;
char *payload = "This is the payload";
dict = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
dhoerl / MyWebFetcher.m
Created Mar 16, 2012
iOS SSL based NSURLConnection to a site using a self-signed certificate
View MyWebFetcher.m
#if ! __has_feature(objc_arc)
static CFArrayRef certs;
@implementation MyWebFetcher
+ (void)initialize
dhoerl / Reachability.h
Created Aug 25, 2011
Reachability (iOS) ARCified
View Reachability.h
File: Reachability.h
Abstract: Basic demonstration of how to use the SystemConfiguration Reachablity APIs.
Version: 2.2 - ARCified
Disclaimer: IMPORTANT: This Apple software is supplied to you by Apple Inc.
("Apple") in consideration of your agreement to the following terms, and your
use, installation, modification or redistribution of this Apple software
dhoerl / README.txt
Created Jan 28, 2012
UITableViewCells from a NIB - better than Apple's iOS 5 code
View README.txt
Reloading the NIB is expensive. Better to load it once, then instantiate the objects when you need a cell. Note that you can add UIImageViews etc to the nib, even multiple cells, using this method (Apple's "registerNIB" iOS5 allows only one top level object - one UITableViewCell. Bug 10580062 "iOS5 tableView registerNib: overly restrictive"
So my code is below - you read in the NIB once (in +initialize like I did or in viewDidload - whatever. From then on, you instantiate the nib into objects then pick the one you need. This is much more efficient than loading the nib over and over.
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