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Working from home

Dima Pasechnik dimpase

Working from home
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dimpase /
Created Sep 2, 2017
random weird FB stuff
# run in Python 3, e.g. via importing
lambda x: x-1,
lambda y: y < sum(2**x for x in {z for z in range(7)}-{2}),
dimpase / dir_x
Created Apr 27, 2017
dir(x) for that weird type
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sage: dir(polygen(RR))
dimpase / gist:4992965
Created Feb 20, 2013
A bit of CA in Haskell. The hardest part was to figure out nf, to ensure strict evaluation.
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module Main where
import Math.CommutativeAlgebra.Polynomial
import Math.Algebras.VectorSpace -- for nf
main =
print (adder 10000000 d e)
[x,y] = map glexvar ["x","y"]
a = 4*x^2 + 3*x + 2