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import re
# Lets try and reduce noise here. Since services have multiple
# JMX data sources, we really don't need multiple events for each data source
# A single event should do the trick. We are going to normalize the summary
# so that dedupe rules kick in
re_string = "^DataSource\s(?P<app_name>.*?)\s.*?;\serror connecting to server"
if getattr(evt, "summary", "") != "":
m =, evt.summary)
if m and'app_name'):
new_summary = "".join(['app_name'), " - ",
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if device:
if device.getSnmpStatusString() != "Up":
#Preserve the actual SNMP agent down message
if getattr(evt, "summary", "") != "SNMP agent down":
evt._action = "drop"
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