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Last active February 12, 2021 17:08
Default ggplot2 aesthetics table

Default ggplot2 aesthetics by geom.

geom alpha angle colour family fill fontface height hjust lineheight linetype shape size stroke vjust weight width xmax xmin ymax ymin
GeomAbline NA black 1 0.5
GeomAnnotationMap NA NA grey20 1 0.5
GeomArea NA NA grey20 1 0.5
GeomBar NA NA grey35 1 0.
dpseidel / plygnedge_reprex
Created August 10, 2018 22:00
debugging the "polygon edge not found" error
#### This is a script useful for debugging the very tricky, intermittent,
#### "polygon edge not found" error triggered in grid when using the RstudioGD and quartz devices
#system info
getOption("bitmapType") # this needs to be quartz
getOption("device") # this needs to be RStudioGD
# blank plot