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dragonee / .tasks-collector.ini
Created March 14, 2022 08:42
ConfigParser example
url =
user = someusername
password = somepassword
dragonee /
Created March 14, 2022 08:36 example
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
description='A package that provides all maintenance tasks',
author='Michał Moroz <>',
'Development Status :: 3 - Alpha',
'Intended Audience :: Developers',
dragonee /
Created March 14, 2022 08:30
Docopt example
Wait for a specific process to finish, then notify via Pushover API.
notify-on-exit [options] PID [MESSAGE]
-p High priority (this message will pop on the phone).
-b Run in the background.
--version Show version information.
dragonee / .bashrc
Last active March 5, 2019 23:16
startenv for gnome-terminal
# stub implementation of for gnome-terminal
# using bash and nodejs
# this code should be put at the end of your .bashrc
# usage:
# put
# as .startenv.js in your project root directory
# modify it to your needs
dragonee / .bashrc
Last active August 19, 2017 18:25
A command to convert album with separate FLAC files and import it to iTunes
# adds three functions to your Bash terminal:
# flac2mp3 DIRECTORY - converts a directory with .flac files to .mp3 format
# itunesadd DIRECTORY - moves MP3 files to iTunes "Add Automatically" folder
# flac2itunes DIRECTORY - converts files to mp3 and adds them to iTunes in one step
# options can be modified below
# requires from
export FLAC2MP3_APP="/Users/dragonee/Kod/flac2mp3/"
export FLAC2MP3_OPTIONS="--processes=5 --preset=320"