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Dan Syme drsii

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Media Package: handles file storage, directory dispersion, & image manipulation.

Media Extension: handles upload, media listing, & media helpers (blade calls)

When a file is uploaded, it is stored in its original format to the public/media folder following the directory dispersion method as configured.

We then provide a series of blade calls to help developers utilize their media assets.

###@media() returns an output based on media mime type


#Discounts v1.0.0-alpha

A framework agnostic discount package featuring coupon/discount rule sets & conditions. Part of the Cartalyst Arsenal & licensed OSI BSD 3. Code well, rock on.

##Package Story

History and future capabilities.


  • Discount::add(...) Can create a discount.

#Cart v1.0.0-alpha

A framework agnostic shopping cart package featuring multiple cart instances and item variants. Part of the Cartalyst Arsenal & licensed OSI BSD 3. Code well, rock on.

##Package Story

History and future capabilities.


  • Cart::save('instance') User can save a cart instance.
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Last active Dec 22, 2015
Cartalyst template

Package Title v0.0.1

Package description that describes the package in at least two sentances.



A story of the packages capabilities.


####Quickstart Method 1

Step 1:

Create your extension using the Workshop

Step 2:

Open your main composer.json and add the following lines into the "classmap" array of your "autoload"

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<a class="tab tab-one tab-active" href="#" tabindex="0">1</a>
<a class="tab tab-two" href="#" tabindex="0">2</a>
<a class="tab tab-three" href="#" tabindex="0">3</a>
<section data-tab="one" data-tab-active=""><h2>One</h2> micro tabs are hot</section>
<section data-tab="two"><h2>Two</h2> they work really well</section>
<section data-tab="three"><h2>Three</h2>accept the annoying default browser scroll to.</section>
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Created Jul 30, 2013
Antler @ Cartalyst Labs Project
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all comments on "why create a new css framework aside"
I will be attempting to build Antler over the next 48 hours and want your help.
Antler will be a micro CSS framework based on BEM syntax, a semantic grid, and written in LESS.
It will cover
## primary sections
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Last active Dec 19, 2015
The Ideal Sentry Social workflow.

// Basic process

  1. User registers with social network
  2. Sentry redirects to social network for approval
  3. Social network redirects back to sentry
  4. Sentry creates user account


  1. creating a the use account.