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dynax60 / gist:264afdcc9ec0a7c40c8816ef272ed3f4
Created May 31, 2024 07:47
Cameras in Civil War movie
Sony A7 IV / Leica 35mm Summilux
Sony A7R V / Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS
Nikon FE2 / Nikkor 24 mm f 2.8
Leica Summicron 35mm f/2 IV "King of Bokeh"??
dynax60 / gist:20db6377595b8df0d68e3ae1ec08d238
Created February 12, 2024 07:11
Clear kannel's redis store
stop all
redis-cli -n 0 FLUSHDB
systemctl restart kannel-bearerbox*signal%28int%2C+void%28*%29%28int%29+%29%29%28int%29
dynax60 / smpp_dlr_ecodes.tsv
Created June 21, 2023 10:29
SMPP Delivery Receipt Error Codes
1 MT number is unknown in the MT network’s HLR
2 MT number is unknown in the MT network’s HLR
5 MT number is unknown in the MT network’s MSC
9 MT number is classed as an illegal subscriber in the MT network’s MSC
11 MT HLR sends back a “Teleservice not provisioned” error in responseto the SRI
12 MT handset is listed as an Illegal device on the MSC.
13 Customer is barred according to the MT HLR from receiving SMS
15 MT customer is part of a CUG that is not allowed to receive SMS
21 SMS not supported in the MT network.
22 SMS not supported in the MT MSC
dynax60 /
Created May 29, 2023 06:27
Simple site change tracker
# Установка переменных
SITE_DIRECTORY="/var/www/" # Путь к директории сайта
BACKUP_DIRECTORY="/opt/git/site" # Путь к директории для сохранения бэкапов
EMAIL_RECIPIENT="" # Адрес получателя электронной почты
MAX_DIFF_SIZE=$((10 * 1024)) # 10 Кб в байтах
# Создание временной директории для выполнения операций
dynax60 /
Created February 3, 2023 09:15
Script to get subnets in CIDR notation for the selected countries
# dnf install perl-Net
# wget
# wget
# zcat ripe.db.inetnum.gz | ./ RU BY
# zcat apnic.db.inetnum.gz | ./ MN
use Net::CIDR qw(range2cidr);
use Symbol;
use strict;
dynax60 / install-hpe-sdr.yml
Last active March 30, 2022 07:01
Example of ansible playbook for hp proliant gen10
- hosts: node1
become: yes
- role: ansible-role-hpe-common
- role: ansible-role-hpe-spp
- amsd
- hponcfg
- ssacli
dynax60 / gist:a32240d9ad0b216fa0671cec9a3d0c4b
Created June 11, 2021 06:21
The current position of the International Space Station
curl -s | jq '.'