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#### ####
# This mitigates against analyzer running but it connection timing out
#### ####
# This mitigates against horizon running, but not populating redis and horizon
# not running properly in general.
View is_integer
function is_integer () {
# exit code 0 - the string is an integer
# exit code 1 - the string is not an integer
local string=$1
[[ $string == ${string//[^0-9]/} ]]
earthgecko / gist:5240407
Last active Dec 15, 2015
collaborative cooperation
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n numbers of entities working to achieve a defined goal (scope of detail = various) and working within differing operational/systematic constraints, some overlap or integration may exist. The results of work are thus assembled by each party and/or in a singular, for-purpose manner. The entities can be temporary and varying, come and go, as well as longterm participants in the goal.
Implies entities with independent, disparate control structures.
n number of entities working to achieve a defined goal (scope of detail = various) and with working within the same or co-dependent/related operational/systematic/control constraints. The work is carried out in a cooperative manner between the entities within the shared operational/control constraints to achieve the desired goal. The results of the work invariable become a part of the operational/systematic constraints of the entities in some form or manner and there is usually some longterm ownership among the entities.
Implies a le
earthgecko / gist:5329702
Created Apr 7, 2013
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# This data set does graphs OK - BUT
# Select date range as 2013-03-15 to 2013-04-07 and it stops at 2013-03-31
# If the date range is selected as 2013-04-01 to 2013-04-07 it graphs the April
# date fine???
# I have set the Y axis Maximum to 10000 and same thing.
# What are I doing wrong?
# Data set
# number_of_seconds,epoch_timestamp
echo "445,1363366020
earthgecko / riemann-client.deps
Created Jun 5, 2013
riemann-client and rieman-tools dependencies
View riemann-client.deps
Installing riemann-client and riemann-tools gems
Successfully installed beefcake-0.3.7
Successfully installed trollop-2.0
Successfully installed mtrc-0.0.4
Successfully installed riemann-client-0.2.2
4 gems installed
Installing ri documentation for beefcake-0.3.7...
Installing ri documentation for trollop-2.0...
Installing ri documentation for mtrc-0.0.4...
Installing ri documentation for riemann-client-0.2.2...
earthgecko / gist:118d168f88ebb37661154e3cb898c1fb
Last active Nov 2, 2016
Who's neocortex has seen these before? blue-yonder/tsfresh/i8_add_python3_support
View gist:118d168f88ebb37661154e3cb898c1fb
Who's neocortex has seen these before?
These panda scipy py27 py35 are probably buried in some change in pandas relating to some change is Python 3
like range type changing from type list to class or similar. Please just scan through and see if any bells rings.
Perhaps a bell may ring on:
- AttributeError errors 'assertItemsEqual' in a few contexts, but the following may help to pin it down, specifically
- test_mass_quantile
- test_ar_coefficient
View ansible
Is kind of interesting...
I just get tried of using 10's of lines of code to define a type and resource declarations elsewhere and having to modify 3 things in different files to just enure a single line exists non-invasively in 1 file.....
Virgin on a clown called Ridiculous
earthgecko / find.change.git.repo
Created Nov 14, 2015
Find a change in a git repo via a string in actually git diffs (not just commit messages)
View find.change.git.repo
# Find a change via a string in actually git diffs (not just commit messages)
STRING_TO_FIND="include openssh_server"
> "${TMP_DIR}/git.rev.matches"
git rev-list HEAD |
while read rev; do
earthgecko /
Last active May 31, 2018
rebrow Redis password token with JWT
# This gist is a basic example of adding Redis password to rebrow in a modified implementation of
# @elky84 but using PyJWT to encode the password in the POST
# to a JWT token and a client token as a replacement for the plaintext password URL parameter.
# This example includes logging which is not in rebrow and this example rebrow stores the JWT encode string in Redis.
# With normal rebrow this would not be possible and Flask seesion or some internal Python method would need to be
# used. The version of rebrow that is used here is a version that embedded in another application that does have
# access to Redis, hence here rebrow stores the data in Redis, rebrow here requires auth and it is also run behind
# a SSL terminated endpoint and therefore the POST data is encrypted. If rebrow was just run as is, then the POST
# data would not be encrypted and the password would still be sent plaintext.
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