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Created January 25, 2017 09:05
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A tool to count the number of test cases per feature file in order to evenly distribute them then running in parallel
require 'gherkin/parser'
require 'gherkin/pickles/compiler'
@test_case_files = []
@tags_to_ignore = ['@no_parallel', '@wip', '@bug', '@live', '@real', '@mobile', '@site']
all_feature_files = Dir.glob("./**/*.feature")
all_feature_files.each do |feature_file|
contents =
parser =
gherkin_document = parser.parse(contents)
pickles =, feature_file)
@test_cases_count = pickles.count
pickles.each do |test_case|
test_case[:tags].each do |tag|
if @tags_to_ignore.include? tag[:name]
@test_cases_count -= 1
if @test_cases_count > 0
@test_case_files.push({name: feature_file[2..-1], test_case_count: @test_cases_count})
sorted = @test_case_files.sort_by { |k| k[:test_case_count] }.reverse
puts sorted
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emanuil commented Jan 25, 2017

For more information read this blog post: Running Test In Parallel - Optimal Number Of Threads

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Do you have something similar to this in JAVA?

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