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public class Initalize
public static void InitializeDbContext(TestContext context)
// Connection string in app.config should use LocalDb, EG:
// <add name="DefaultConnection" connectionString="Data Source=(LocalDb)\v11.0;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\DefaultConnection.mdf;Initial Catalog=DefaultConnection;Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetData("DataDirectory", context.TestDeploymentDir);
Database.SetInitializer(new DropCreateDatabaseAlways<ApplicationDbContext>());
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/// <summary>
/// Extension methods for the system MVC controller and related classes
/// </summary>
public static class ControllerExtensions
/// <summary>
/// Renders a view to string using the given model
/// </summary>
/// <param name="controller"></param>
/// <param name="viewName"></param>
View ZeroClipboardExample
<script src=""></script>
$(function () {
ZeroClipboard.config({ swfPath: "" });
client = new ZeroClipboard($(".copy-button"));
View Web.Release.config
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- For more information on using Web.config transformation visit -->
<configuration xmlns:xdt="">
In the example below, the "SetAttributes" transform will change the value of
"connectionString" to use "ReleaseSQLServer" only when the "Match" locator
finds an attribute "name" that has a value of "MyDB".
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# User-specific files
# Build results
#include nuget executable
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/// jqury.plugintemplate.js
/// A short explanation of what it does right here
/// Intended HTML structure for targeted complex form (if applicable)
/// .postal-code-form - outer wrapper
/// .locationInputs - wrapper around all inputs
/// .postal-input - postal code input
View drop_schema.sql
-- Run several times to drop all tables
/* Drop all constraints */
SELECT @sql += N'
+ '.' + QUOTENAME(OBJECT_NAME(parent_object_id)) +
FROM sys.foreign_keys;
View AsyncMethodExample.h
// This method can have a dedicated queue for all instances on it
// Or maybe per instance if downloadQueue were instead a class variable
static NSOperationQueue *downloadQueue = nil;
if(!downloadQueue) {
downloadQueue = [[NSOperationQueue alloc] init];
// Capture the queue that called us
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// SimpleFilesCache.h
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
/// A static class for basic management of the NSCachesDirectory contents
@interface SimpleFilesCache : NSObject
View Blocks.h
#ifndef Blocks_h
#define Blocks_h
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
typedef void (^VoidBlock)();
typedef BOOL (^ReturnBoolBlock)();
typedef void (^DictionaryBlock)(NSDictionary *dictionary);