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Evan Moran evanmoran

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static OSStatus
SSLVerifySignedServerKeyExchange(SSLContext *ctx, bool isRsa, SSLBuffer signedParams,
uint8_t *signature, UInt16 signatureLen)
OSStatus err;
if ((err = SSLHashSHA1.update(&hashCtx, &serverRandom)) != 0)
goto fail;
if ((err = SSLHashSHA1.update(&hashCtx, &signedParams)) != 0)
evanmoran / node-download
Created Oct 14, 2013
Download file with Node
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// download: download the url to string = function(url, cb){
var options = require('url').parse(url),
httpx = url.startsWith(url, 'https:') ? https : http,
data = "",
req = httpx.request(options, function(res){
res.on("data", function(chunk){
return data += chunk;
evanmoran / fast-gh-pages
Last active Dec 12, 2015
Create github pages in a natural way by making gh-pages a submodule of master
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# Create gh-pages branch
git checkout --orphan gh-pages
# Remove all files from the old working tree
git clean -fdx
# Create initial index.html file
echo "My github page" > index.html
# Turn off jekyll
evanmoran / bash_terminal_open_by_theme
Created Mar 20, 2012
Bash script to open new terminal windows / tabs by theme
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function terminal_open {
osascript -e 'tell application "Terminal" to activate' \
-e 'tell application "System Events"' \
-e 'tell process "Terminal"' \
-e "tell menu item \"${1}\" of menu \"New ${2}\" of menu item \"New ${2}\" of menu \"Shell\" of menu bar item \"Shell\" of menu bar 1" \
-e 'click' \
-e 'end tell' \
-e 'end tell' \
-e 'end tell' > /dev/null


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