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iOS Keyboard Shortcuts and E D I T O R I A L G I T , BITCH!

David Blue extratone

iOS Keyboard Shortcuts and E D I T O R I A L G I T , BITCH!
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extratone / Deltas in Feebles
Created November 9, 2020 05:09
Do I use regular Ds or Delta's when I digitize Feebles in Night?
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I have begun the process of digitizing _Feebles in Night_ to Markdown. The first consideration that comes to mind is whether or not I should leave all the deltas I used to replace all of the ds in the text.
See example:
`It is my sincere hope that some soul-δeriveδ insight anδ value will be manifest for yours.`
Capital D got `Δ` and lowercase d got `δ`.
extratone / Lorem Ipsum: Let Me
Last active November 9, 2020 23:34
A short story about a man who cannot name.
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somewhere out there... lives at least one graduate student who's only significant challenge in school is entitling his essays. research, writing, peer-review come easy, but the titles...

he is so terrified of anyone figuring this out that he plagiarizes titles and ONLY titles, hyperventilating and sweating his ass off... he wishes so desperately that he could just use a number document ID on the title page... he cannot go on like this.

his doctoral thesis is expected in three days. it is a masterpiece... relevant, original, impeccably documented.

in fact, it is so good that its title is almost certainly going to be attached to his name for the rest of his academic career and on.. if only it had one.

he can't sleep... he's losing his mind. he's going to be ruined! all of the tutoring and the schmoozing and the constant, careful adjustment of his social orientation within the grant-sustained meritocracy for enough favors (its currency) for the asks to craft such a thing.



Creative ways to express appreciation, powered by MegaCoolText, Zalgo, and Unicode.

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  • ŢꀌᗩƝƘƧ
  • thänks
  • ṮḧḀṆḲṠ
  • ᵗʰᵃᶰᵏˢ
  • ᵗ̷́ʰ̷̨͝͝ᵃ̨͟͟ᶰ̛͜͢ᵏ̸̛́̕͏ˢ̧́
extratone /
Last active November 28, 2020 23:26
A chronological comparison of feature additions between Mastodon and Twitter.

Mastodon Vs. Twitter Innovation

Character Count

Mastodon's platform allows instance admins to customize post length, up to 5000 characters. The most popular instances including have a post limit of 500 characters. (Since launch in 2016.)

"Giving you more characters to express yourself" | Twitter Blog (September 26, 2017)

Twitter announces it's going to "try out" a doubled character limit (280) just five months after Mastodon's Big Week (when it was circulated around popular tech media.)

extratone /
Created December 3, 2020 18:22
An abridged history of my personal relationship with Electronic Mail, prompted in pre-launch by the service HEY.

Email and I: An Abridged History

I am 26 years old, so I suppose I'm of the first generation that's never experienced life without email. I grew up on a farm in rural central Missouri and my dad was very much an early adopter. (You'd be surprised how e-enabled farmers were becoming in the early 2000s.) I cannot remember life before the humongous satellite dish was anchored in our front yard. Long before I had any reason to be online (or really understood what that meant,) he began and ended every day sitting at in front of a CRT on a corner desk, clacking away on a cigarette smoke-yellowed plastic keyboard for hours. I did not understand why, then, but in retrospect I realize that he was corresponding with a huge network of neighbors, politicians, family, and college friends via email lists/chains and that he depended on it both professionally and personally in a big way. As a single man living at least an hour's drive from a city of any size, I suppose my dad was predisposed to have a rich online life l

extratone /
Last active December 4, 2020 04:51
A largely-biographical overview of my personal history with technology and its contributions to my current perspective.

Why I Write About Technology

May 22nd, 2018

Incalculable odds were against my arrival in this world happening in early 1994, positioning my life within a timeline that would allow me to bridge my two species’ most significant millenniums in the first grade as a student in the first class at Fairview Elementary school to receive curriculum-mandated exposure to brand-new Windows 98 PCs in its brand-new, fluorescent-lit computer lab in the center core of its 50-year-old rectangular brick structure. The lab also meant that ours was the first Fairview class to have the available relief of air conditioning during the school day. It’s unlikely that I would be home sick and watching the last television ever allowed in my mother’s living room as the second plane hit.

My peers and I would form a picogeneration without a name (perhaps we should be called the 9/11ers) — 91s and 92s wouldn’t have regular access to public school machines until they’d eclipsed the true

extratone /
Created December 4, 2020 13:00
How to convert a list of URLs to a bookmarks.html file.

Discord Channel Links to Raindrop Bookmarks

How to Migrate Links in Discord Channels to Raindrop Collections

The Dilemma

I have used a Discord channel as my "Reading List" for years, but have been using Raindrop in the past month and would like to migrate all the links to all the articles, essays, videos, etc that I've posted in the channel through its existence into my Reading List Collection on Raindrop.


extratone /
Created February 20, 2021 19:11
Gist from Drafts

Potential Twitter Usernames

dusty bogus bilge bunk scrub blimp zro