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Fernando Aleman fernandoaleman

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fernandoaleman / fix-libv8-mac.txt
Created May 5, 2016
Fixing libv8 and therubyracer on Mac
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brew tap homebrew/versions
brew install v8-315
gem install libv8 -v '' -- --with-system-v8
gem install therubyracer -- --with-v8-dir=/usr/local/opt/v8-315
bundle install


Using chef_vault_item in a recipe and testing via ChefSpec returns the following error:

       Data bag path '/var/folders/5d/46p9wf6976l9xptq3fwsrj9r0000gp/T/d20210228-64571-1lao3dr/data_bags' not found. Please create this directory.



Install RabbitMQ on CentOS 7

sudo yum -y install epel-release
sudo yum -y update

Install Erlang

Download repository

fernandoaleman /
Last active Feb 24, 2021
Install mysql2 on MacOS Catalina


Installing mysql2 gem errors on MacOS Catalina with MySQL 5.7.


Make sure openssl is installed on Mac via Homebrew.

brew install openssl
fernandoaleman /
Last active Feb 12, 2021
Install mysql2 on MacOS Mojave

For MacOS Catalina, visit Install mysql2 on MacOS Catalina


Installing mysql2 gem errors on MacOS Mojave.


Make sure openssl is installed on Mac via Homebrew.

fernandoaleman / clone-git-repo.txt
Last active Feb 9, 2021
How to clone git repo with all branches and tags
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# Clone repo
git clone --mirror app/.git
# Change into app directory
cd app
# Update git config
git config --unset core.bare
# Checkout master branch
fernandoaleman /
Last active Feb 5, 2021
Solving Apache 503 “Service temporarily unavailable” proxy timed out


[Tue Jun 03 22:05:51 2014] [error] (110)Connection timed out: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to ( failed
[Tue Jun 03 22:05:51 2014] [error] ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker for (
[Tue Jun 03 22:05:52 2014] [error] proxy: HTTP: disabled connection for (

The problem is that the Apache proxy module, recognising that the service was unavailable, stopped redirecting requests to it for one minute.

fernandoaleman /
Created Nov 18, 2011
How to create an RPM from source with spec file
# How to create an RPM from source with spec file
# This is for Redhat versions of linux. Sometimes when you search for an rpm package,
# it is either outdated or not available. The only thing available is the source code.
# You can create a custom RPM package from source.
# For this example, I'll be using the latest version of Git, currently v.
# Step: 1
# Install rpmbuild
fernandoaleman / rbenv-1.8.7-openssl.patch
Created Jun 5, 2014
Patch to solve error when installing ruby 1.8.7 with rbenv or ruby_build and openssl 1.0.1x
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--- ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c
+++ ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c
@@ -757,8 +757,10 @@ static VALUE ossl_ec_group_initialize(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self)
method = EC_GFp_mont_method();
} else if (id == s_GFp_nist) {
method = EC_GFp_nist_method();
+#if !defined(OPENSSl_NO_EC2M)
} else if (id == s_GF2m_simple) {
method = EC_GF2m_simple_method();
fernandoaleman / gist:5083680
Last active Jan 20, 2021
How to update VirtualBox Guest Additions with vagrant
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# Start the old vagrant
$ vagrant init centos-6.3
$ vagrant up
# You should see a message like:
# [default] The guest additions on this VM do not match the install version of
# VirtualBox! This may cause things such as forwarded ports, shared
# folders, and more to not work properly. If any of those things fail on
# this machine, please update the guest additions and repackage the
# box.