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Peter Lyons focusaurus

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focusaurus / ep_app.js
Created Jun 14, 2013
Example of how a main express app can mount sub-applications on a mount point with app.use('/mount-point', subapp); If you GET /, you'll see the main_app's '/' response. If you GET /ep_app, you'll see the ep_app's '/' response.
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var express = require("express");
var app = express();
app.get('/', function (req, res) {
res.send("This is the '/' route in ep_app");
module.exports = app;
focusaurus / .zshrc
Created Jul 31, 2013
There's got to be something alongs these lines that actually works...the snippet below does not work.
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alias screenunlock='defaults write askForPassword 0 && defaults write askForPasswordDelay 0'
alias screenlock='defaults write askForPassword 1 && defaults write askForPasswordDelay 60'
focusaurus / chai_reference.js
Last active Nov 18, 2016
Quick reference for the assertion library
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run this JavaScript on the chai API doc page:
console.log([]'div.api_method_wrapper h3'), (x) => x.innerText).join('\n'))
assert(expression, message)
.fail(actual, expected, [message], [operator])
.isOk(object, [message])
.isNotOk(object, [message])
focusaurus / gist:6905035
Last active Dec 25, 2015
helper function to reduce mongoose/REST boilerplate. Could also monkey patch into OutgoingMessage.prototype perhaps.
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function oopsAPI(res, error, model) {
if (error) {
logger.error('Unexpected mongoose error during API query', error);
return true;
if (!model) {
return true;
focusaurus /
Created Apr 8, 2014
claiming my github focusaurus identity for

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am focusaurus on github.
  • I am focusaurus ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 6B5E E932 7443 38B7 F12F F706 B2C9 23F1 E205 D5C6

To claim this, I am signing this object:

focusaurus / index.html
Created Jul 20, 2014 business card done in HTML/CSS
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
v2.0 | 20110126
License: none (public domain)
focusaurus / create-github-milestone.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
node.js script to create a github milestone
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#!/usr/bin/env node
var request = require('superagent');
var config = require('config');
var GITHUB_API_URL = '';
var MILESTONES = '/repos/owner/project/milestones'; + MILESTONES)
.set('Authorization', 'token ' + config.githubToken)
.set('User-Agent', 'focusaurus-create-github-milestone')
.send({title: process.argv[2]}).end(function (error, res) {
console.log(error, res.text);
focusaurus /
Created Sep 2, 2014
Use for inspiration only. Very much a 1-off tool limited to a specific migration's needs.
# This is a simple script to convert a very limited set of MoinMoin wiki syntax
#to markdown. I am using it in my migration from MoinMoin to a gitit+markdown
DO_GIT = False
import os
import re
("(./)", "[x]"),
focusaurus / atom packages
Created Jan 13, 2015
Atom text editor setup 2015-01-12
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focusaurus / gist:b7f59b029f66e6b661cf
Created Jun 18, 2015
Review: Metaprogramming in ES6: Symbols and why they're awesome
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class BoringClass  
class CoolClass  
  def ==(other_object)
   other_object.is_a? MyClass
end == #=> false == #=> true!  
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