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Björn Folbert folbert

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View webpack.mix.js
const mix = require('laravel-mix');
| Mix Asset Management
View acf-set-layout-title-on-change.js
* Wait until ACF is ready
acf.addAction('ready', function () {
View deploy.php for Bedrock, Sage9 and Homestead
* Deploy for Bedrock with Sage9 on Homestead.
* Loosely based on
namespace Deployer;
require 'recipe/common.php';
folbert /
Last active Jun 7, 2021
How to get up and running with Bedrock and Bedrock Capistrano at Oderland

Getting up and running with Bedrock

If you get totally stuck, here are some resources that may help you: Roots Discourse. Actually, you may want to head over and read this through really quick. It's nowhere near as long as this and may be good to have in the back of your mind when reading the rest of this document. Capistrano Website with manual Screencast on deploying WordPress with Capistrano.


Bedrock is created by the good awesome people behind Sage and is described as a "WordPress boilerplate with modern development tools, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure." Read more at

folbert / _display-bootstrap-size.scss
Last active Feb 7, 2021
Display current Bootstrap v4 size on screen
View _display-bootstrap-size.scss
Inspired by
body:after {
color: #000;
font-family: Helvetica;
font-size: 12px;
padding: 5px;
font-weight: bold;
folbert / Bootstrap overrides for Sage 8.5.1 and Bootstrap 4 alpha 6
Last active Apr 24, 2019
Add this to bower.json and remove what you don't need
View Bootstrap overrides for Sage 8.5.1 and Bootstrap 4 alpha 6
"overrides": {
"bootstrap": {
"main": [
folbert / togglable-acf-description.php
Created Feb 23, 2017
Toggleable description for Advanced Custom Fields
View togglable-acf-description.php
* Hide ACF descriptions that have more characters than you deem feasible to display directly.
* Change the fewbricksToggleableDescriptionMinCharLength variable to 0 if you want all descriptions
* to be hidden.
* At its most simple, place this code in functions.php. But you should really try to use some namespacing
* or OOP approach to it instead.
View deploy.rb
# deploy.rb from modified by Björn Folbert,
# Folbert-comment: from Capistrano doc:
# Here we'd set the name of the application, must be in a format that's safe for
# filenames on your target operating system.
set :application, 'APPLICATIONNAME'
# Folbert-comment: use the SSH url for the repo from GitHub
set :repo_url, ''