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Saulius Žemaitaitis frgtn

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frgtn / gist:647840
Created Oct 26, 2010
pirmas uždavinys iš Radavičiaus laiško
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.model small
.stack 100h
buff_size equ 254
enter_data db "Enter text:", 10, 13, '$'
newline db 10, 13, '$'
frgtn / gist:649519
Created Oct 27, 2010
Radavičiaus asm kontrolinis
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; Salyga:
; Parasyti programa, kuri kiekviena ivestoje tekstineje eiluteje esanti desimtaini skaiciu pakeicia jo dalybos is 3 liekana ir
; isveda gauta eilute i ekrana. Maksimalus leistinas eilutes ilgis - 255 simboliai.
.model small
.stack 100h
buff_size equ 255
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* I am frgtn on github.
* I am frgtn ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is E95E 12AF 836E 8D15 35FB 37BE 2252 2CAF 6468 BBFA
To claim this, I am signing this object:
frgtn /
Created Sep 10, 2015
How to filter Django datetimefield by time component
from django.db import models
class TimeTransform(models.Transform):
lookup_name = 'time'
bilateral = True
def as_sql(self, compiler, connection):
lhs, params = compiler.compile(self.lhs)
return "cast(%s as time)" % lhs, params
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