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GitHub Actions vs Azure Pipelines

GitHub Actions vs Azure Pipelines


Comparison of the features of both CI/CD tools

GitHub Actions Azure Pipelines
YML workflow files Editable in the repo or IDE 👈 (less strict format)
GUI builder Everything as code Classic & release pipelines only
Multi-stage pipelines Uses separate (reusable) workflow files Uses stage within YML file
Reusable workflows Used across GitHub repos & orgs Uses pipeline templates
Runs on Runners - GitHub hosted or self-hosted Agents - MSFT hosted or self-hosted
Self-hosted Runners have labels Build agents have capabilities
Jobs Run in separate VM or containers 👈
Concurrency Jobs can run in parallel or sequentially 👈
Tasks & Steps Jobs include one or more tasks/steps 👈
Shell/Script commands run (default is PWShell) script (default is CMD)
Reusable components Actions - uses: actions/setup-python@v4 Tasks - task: UsePythonVersion@0
Community Actions marketplace Visual Studio marketplace

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