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Computes the center of a shapefile multi-polygon
computes the center of a multi-polygon
def shape_center(shape):
computes the center of gravity of a shapefile multi-polygon
shape must be an instance of shapefile._Shape of the Python Shapefile Library
Polygon class comes from here
from Polygon import Polygon
parts =[:]
# the center computation produces false results for
# countries whose shapes cross the 180° longitude
# we need to check this
far_east = False
far_west = False
for i in range(len(parts)-1):
pts = shape.points[parts[i]:parts[i+1]]
if len(pts) == 0: continue
if pts[0][0] < -90:
far_west = True
if pts[0][0] > 90:
far_east = True
# now we convert the Shape into a Polygon
poly = Polygon()
for i in range(len(parts)-1):
pts = shape.points[parts[i]:parts[i+1]]
if far_east and far_west:
# correct points if country crosses 180° lon
for j in range(len(pts)):
if pts[j][0] < 0: pts[j][0] += 360
# and return its center of gravity
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