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Framework / Background

The purpose of the mempool is to store the best candidates for inclusion in a block, i.e., the ones with the highest fees (including fee-bumped ones). Non-mining nodes use the mempool to make block validation faster and to aid transaction relay. If transaction relay and mempool logic are working well, all transactions paying reasonable fees should make it to miners, and all nodes with (even small) mempools should have the transactions that will be in the next blocks.

Currently, we limit the size of our mempool (default 300MB) and only validate transactions one at a time - this creates a limitation in a node's ability to determine which transactions have the highest fees, because a low fee transaction can have a high fee child.

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ML post for package policies

Package Mempool Accept Post

Hi there,

I'm writing to propose a set of mempool policy changes to enable package validation (in preparation for package relay) in Bitcoin Core. These would not be consensus or P2P protocol changes. However, since mempool policy significantly affects transaction propagation, I believe this is relevant for the mailing list.

My proposal enables packages consisting of multiple parents and 1 child. If you develop software that relies on specific transaction relay assumptions and/or are interested in using package relay in the future, I'm very interested to hear your feedback on the utility or restrictiveness of these package policies for your use cases.

A draft implementation of this proposal can be found in [Bitcoin Core PR#22290][1].

Replace by Fee Improvements

This post discusses limitations of current Bitcoin Core RBF policy and attempts to start a conversation about how we can improve it, summarizing some ideas that have been discussed. Please reply if you have any new input on issues to be solved and ideas for improvement!


Please feel free to skip this section if you are already familiar

Emergency Replace By Feerate

Over the last 5 years, there have been many proposals of the form:

"Instead of Rule 3+4, just enforce some feerate rule for replacements when the replcement would confirm soon."


Token Bucket Orphan Protection Design Document

This document describes the orphan protection scheme implemented in bitcoin/bitcoin#27742.

Orphanage Today

  • When tx is missing inputs, add to orphanage and request parents
    • If any parents were rejected, don’t store in orphanage (fRejectedParents)
  • On each tx acceptance
    • Orphanage tracks who provided orphan - adds it to work set
    • On peer’s next ProcessMessages(), first ProcessOrphanTx before other messages
    • 1 orphan validation (accept or reject) per turn (see bitcoin/bitcoin#26551)
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Created July 1, 2021 17:05
Mempool Witness Replacement Project

Mempool Witness Replacement Project

Two transactions with the same non-witness data but different witnesses have the same txid but different wtxid, and the same fee but not necessarily the same feerate. Currently, in mempool validation, if we see a transaction that has the same txid as one in the mempool, we reject it as a duplicate. This shouldn’t pose a serious security risk except in transactions where multiple parties contribute to the inputs (which is also rare and usually involves trusted or somewhat trusted parties). However, the correct behavior should be to replace mempool transactions if a new transaction has a better feerate, with some caveats to avoid DoS attacks (similar to BIP125).

Previous work and discussion:

  • Antoine Riard first pointed out this issue in #19645. His implementation uses the existing mempool validation code to replace by BIP125 rules. He has indicated that he isn’t planning to return to this work in the near future (in #l2-onchain-support):
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[2021-06-22 19:02:23] <ariard> will try to do a different meeting format, like sharing the question and give time to everyone to share their thoughts?
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Keybase proof

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