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View dl_json.js
/* global $, data */
// data should be the object/array/etc to be JSON-ified.
// First, with jQuery
var $el = $('<a>');
// If data is a jQuery selector, then do data = data.toArray()

First, go to ["My Live Events][1] on YouTube. Creating a new live event, or, if you want to record now, simply "Go Live Now".

Schedule a New Event

Fill in the information for your event, and press "Create Event". Make sure to choose "Unlisted" if you don't want it publicly available. It will still be accessible to anyone with the link.

Create Event

At the schedule time, go back to ["My Live Events"][1], press "Start Hangout on Air"

#!/usr/bin/env bash
while true; do
if [ "$1" = "-title" -o "$1" = "-t" ]; then
args=( "${args[@]}" with title "\"$1\"" )
elif [ "$1" = "-subtitle" -o "$1" = "-st" ]; then
# To use, create ~/.myimgurup, and put in your client ID and secret
# E.g.:
# CLIENT_ID=80238f8092
# CLIENT_SECRET=239a482b034c820
# Next run `base /path/to/ auth` to get your PIN and access token
# Finally, `base /path/to/ up /path/to/image.png` to upload an image
# This requires the commit summary to start like this:
# [XXX]: message
# * Add
# * Mod(ify)
# * Ref(actor)
# * Fix
# * Rem(ove)
# * Rea(dability)
View cyanide_happiness.php
* Generates a Cyanide & Happiness feed with the images included
* Caches the results to be nice to the server
* Requires memcache and simplehtmldom
* Gist:
// See
View add_feed.php
class custom_feed {
public $feed = 'custom-xml';
public function __construct() {
add_action( 'init', array( $this, 'init' ) );
# The contents of this file are released under the GNU General Public License. Feel free to reuse the contents of this work, as long as the resultant works give proper attribution and are made publicly available under the GNU General Public License.
# Best viewed in emacs org-mode.
# Alternately, one can keep this cheat sheet handy by adding the following line to ~/.bashrc:
# alias cheatsheet="less ~/"
# Originally by WilliamHackmore:
# This version by goodevilgenius: