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Last active February 16, 2024 16:20
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Ulauncher Color Themes

This will be a temporary site for sharing Ulauncher color themes

When posting a theme make sure it has

  • title (theme name or whatever)
  • link to a gist or github repo with theme files
  • screenshot attached (just drag an image onto a comment area)

See how to create a custom color theme

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Surendrajat commented May 21, 2021

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Axiol commented Aug 2, 2021

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kalenpw commented Aug 12, 2021

Transparent Adwaita

As the name implies, like Adwaita but has some (faint) transparency


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TechHutTV commented Aug 23, 2021

Endeavour Purple

Using the color codes in the i3WM configuration file from EndeavourOS. Transparent greys with purple and blue accents.


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Dedsd commented Sep 6, 2021

DarkBlue Ice for ulauncher

A Beautiful theme for ulauncher with Dark blue and ice colors distributed in a harmonic way.


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Sergio9815 commented Sep 7, 2021

Kira dark Theme

A dark and minimal theme for Ulauncher.

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elementary OS Odin Themes

A beautiful set of themes crafted with elementary OS Odin in mind.

Comes in four variations:

Odin Light Odin Dark
Odin Modern Light Odin Modern Dark

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Flat elementary OS Odin Themes

My second set of themes crafted with elementary OS Odin in mind. This time flatter.

Comes in four variations:

Odin Flat Light Odin Flat Dark
Odin Superflat Light Odin Superflat Dark

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shepda commented Dec 26, 2021

Adwaita Darkish Theme

A dark theme to fit in with the Adwaita Dark theme.


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mierzejk commented Jan 22, 2022

Green transparent

An Adwaita-Dark-based Ulauncher theme, with green accent and slight transparency, featuring border-radius on one of the diagonals.

Desktop screenshot

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Gruvbox Material

The Gruvbox Material theme for Ulauncher.


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sotsugov commented Mar 17, 2022

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lighttigerXIV commented Mar 27, 2022

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gabrbrand commented Apr 21, 2022

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Adwaita Gtk4 Themes





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ghost commented Jun 2, 2022

Breeze Dark

A ulauncher theme based on the Breeze Dark theme.
Breeze Dark Ulauncher Theme Screenshot

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habibimedwassim commented Jun 10, 2022

WhiteSur Nord

WhiteSur Nord - Ulauncher theme

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TokyoNight Theme

Ulauncher theme inspired by TokyoNight Theme



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ilyadavydyuk commented Jul 29, 2022

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DaveHigs commented Aug 2, 2022

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DaveHigs commented Aug 2, 2022

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leodr commented Nov 8, 2022

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Theme based on Nord color palette
Screenshot from 2023-02-24 15-15-28_crop

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Qogir Theme for Ulauncher

Transparent Ulauncher theme based on Qogir Theme color palette.


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kleber-swf commented Apr 4, 2023

Orchis Dark Theme

Ulauncher theme based on Orchis GTK Theme

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arthurrio commented Dec 14, 2023

Viridian Theme

Clean and minimalistic design
Green viridian color scheme for a refreshing look


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A fork of leodr's libadwaita theme modified for dark mode.

Screenshot from 2023-12-20 12-20-21

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egoisticdesire commented Jan 22, 2024

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