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@gragland gragland/use-media.jsx
Last active Feb 11, 2019

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import { useState, useEffect } from 'react';
function App() {
const columnCount = useMedia(
// Media queries
['(min-width: 1500px)', '(min-width: 1000px)', '(min-width: 600px)'],
// Column counts (relates to above media queries by array index)
[5, 4, 3],
// Default column count
// Create array of column heights (start at 0)
let columnHeights = new Array(columnCount).fill(0);
// Create array of arrays that will hold each column's items
let columns = new Array(columnCount).fill().map(() => []);
data.forEach(item => {
// Get index of shortest column
const shortColumnIndex = columnHeights.indexOf(Math.min(...columnHeights));
// Add item
// Update height
columnHeights[shortColumnIndex] += item.height;
// Render columns and items
return (
<div className="App">
<div className="columns is-mobile">
{ => (
<div className="column">
{ => (
// Size image container to aspect ratio of image
paddingTop: (item.height / item.width) * 100 + '%'
<img src={item.image} alt="" />
// Hook
function useMedia(queries, values, defaultValue) {
// State update function
const match = () => {
// Get first media query that matches
const query = queries.findIndex(q => matchMedia(q).matches);
// Return related value or defaultValue if none
return values[query] || defaultValue;
// State and setter for current value
const [value, set] = useState(match);
useEffect(() => {
// Update state on window resize
// Usage of match function defined outside of useEffect ...
// ... ensures that it has current values of arguments.
const handler = () => set(match);
window.addEventListener('resize', handler);
// Remove event listener on cleanup
return () => window.removeEventListener('resize', handler);
}, []); // Empty array ensures effect is only run on mount and unmount
return value;

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ostgals commented Jan 25, 2019

I see two possible optimizations.

The first one allows to avoid unneed rerender each time the 'resize' event is fired by calling set only if value actually changed.
And the second will save some computations and memory allocation expences by memoizing matchMedia calls (matchMedia returns an instance of MediaQueryList which can be reused between renders).

Optimized sandbox:


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gragland commented Feb 11, 2019

@ostgals Thanks for the tips! I've actually changed this hook quite a bit. It now supports any media query, not just screen width. I think as a result the issues you pointed out are resolved, but let me know if any other suggestions (or issues with updated hook).

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