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gsemet / marathon_jupyter_config.json
Last active June 8, 2017 14:58
Jupyter Test Deployment Configuration on Marathon
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"id": "/jupyter",
"cmd": " --NotebookApp.token=''",
"cpus": 25,
"mem": 70000,
"disk": 1000,
"instances": 1,
"acceptedResourceRoles": [
gsemet / etc_nut_notifycmd
Last active May 31, 2017 07:50
NUT notification to PushOver
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#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import sys
from pushover import init
from pushover import Client
USER_KEY = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
gsemet / gist:7000717
Last active December 25, 2015 15:49 — forked from wcargen/gist:7000672
Schema Lab Problem 3
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- SQL XML created by WWW SQL Designer, -->
<!-- Active URL: -->
<datatypes db="mysql">
<group label="Numeric" color="rgb(238,238,170)">
<type label="TINYINT" length="0" sql="TINYINT" quote=""/>
<type label="SMALLINT" length="0" sql="SMALLINT" quote=""/>
<type label="MEDIUMINT" length="0" sql="MEDIUMINT" quote=""/>
<type label="INT" length="0" sql="INT" quote=""/>
gsemet /
Created January 31, 2015 18:09
Test Gist Plugin
def command(self):
# not the same signature than the renderable, but same name.
# it has the self so can change the state of the step directly even if it is not advises.
# it can add logs
a = self.getProperty('aproperty')
self.addLogStdio("I can describe what I will do since I have self").
self.some_variable = some_value
return the_actual_commands_to_add
import logging
import os
from twisted.internet import defer
from buildbot.schedulers.triggerable import Triggerable
from buildbot.status.results import EXCEPTION
from buildbot.status.results import FAILURE
from buildbot.status.results import SKIPPED
from buildbot.status.results import SUCCESS
class TriggerSample(SimpleTriggerStep):
descriptionSkipped = "nothing configured"
def addRuntimeSchedulerNames(self):
a_list = ...
autoemr = ['triggerable-{}-mergerequest'.format(a) for a in a_list]
return autoemr
def postExecute(self, res):
# renderables ('Agreation' solution)
def commandRenderable1(prop):
# A renderable cannot access to the self of a step, since it is evaluated before the actual initialization. So it cannot change the "self" state, and cannot add step logs
a = prop.getProperty('aproperty')
return the_actual_commands_to_add