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Gregor Suttie gsuttie

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#Login to Azure
#List all Resources within the Subscription
$Resources = Get-AzureRmResource
#For each Resource apply the Tag of the Resource Group
Foreach ($resource in $Resources)
$Rgname = $resource.Resourcegroupname
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# Python example Azure Pipeline
- azure-pipelines
- master
- job: Ubuntu_testing
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"Name": "Virtual Machine Operator (Custom)",
"Id": null,
"IsCustom": true,
"Description": "Allows to start and stop (deallocate) Azure VMs",
"Actions": [
gsuttie / gist:3b339a128eac2613d0eafa025bb6f5db
Last active Jul 8, 2020
PowerShell Script to Create Azure Custom RBAC Role
View gist:3b339a128eac2613d0eafa025bb6f5db
$subscription_id = (Get-AzContext)
(Get-Content -Path $HOME/customRoleDefinition.json) -Replace 'SUBSCRIPTION_ID', $subscription_id |
Set-Content -Path $HOME/customRoleDefinition.json
New-AzRoleDefinition -InputFile ./customRoleDefinition.json
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public static string MakeCall2([ActivityTrigger] CallInfo callInfo, [Table("MadeCalls2", "AzureWebJobStorage")] out CallDetails calldetails, ILogger log)
log.LogWarning($"MakeCall {callInfo.Numbers}");
var madeCallId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N");
calldetails = new CallDetails
PartitionKey = "MadeCalls",
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public static async Task<int> PeriodicTask([OrchestrationTrigger] IDurableOrchestrationContext ctx, ILogger log)
var timesRun = ctx.GetInput<int>();
if (!ctx.IsReplaying)
log.LogWarning($"Starting the PeriodicTask activity {ctx.InstanceId}, {timesRun}");
await ctx.CallActivityAsync("A_PeriodicActivity", timesRun);
var nextRun = ctx.CurrentUtcDateTime.AddSeconds(30);
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public static async Task<string> PeriodicTask3([OrchestrationTrigger] IDurableOrchestrationContext context, ILogger log)
var waitBetweenTries = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(100); // 3 tries in 5 minutes
var phoneNumbers = await context.CallActivityAsync<string[]>("A_GetNumbersFromStorage", null);
var callTime = context.CurrentUtcDateTime;
foreach (var phoneNumber in phoneNumbers)
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