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gtkatakura /
Created July 29, 2023 18:47 — forked from MattPD/
Program Analysis Resources (WIP draft)
gtkatakura /
Created October 12, 2022 15:44 — forked from onlurking/
Programming as Theory Building - Peter Naur

Programming as Theory Building

Peter Naur

Peter Naur's classic 1985 essay "Programming as Theory Building" argues that a program is not its source code. A program is a shared mental construct (he uses the word theory) that lives in the minds of the people who work on it. If you lose the people, you lose the program. The code is merely a written representation of the program, and it's lossy, so you can't reconstruct

gtkatakura / fizzbuzz.ts
Created October 6, 2022 04:21 — forked from Grubba27/fizzbuzz.ts
FizzBuzz made in typelevel
type Reverse<A> =
`${A}` extends `${infer AH}${infer AT}`
? `${Reverse<AT>}${AH}` : A
type Digs = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
type DigsNext<I = Digs, R = {}> =
I extends [infer Head, infer Next, ...infer Tail]
gtkatakura / median.ts
Created April 29, 2022 02:17 — forked from Grubba27/statistics.ts
Median of numers
type Reverse<A> =
`${A}` extends `${infer AH}${infer AT}`
? `${Reverse<AT>}${AH}` : A
type Digs = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
type DigsNext<I = Digs, R = {}> =
I extends [infer Head, infer Next, ...infer Tail]
? DigsNext<[Next, ...Tail], R & Record<Head, Next>>
: { [K in keyof R]: R[K] }
gtkatakura /
Created March 24, 2022 16:28 — forked from swyxio/
Learn In Public - 7 opinions for your tech career

2019 update: this essay has been updated on my personal site, together with a followup on how to get started

2020 update: I'm now writing a book with updated versions of all these essays and 35 other chapters!!!!

1. Learn in public

If there's a golden rule, it's this one, so I put it first. All the other rules are more or less elaborations of this rule #1.

You already know that you will never be done learning. But most people "learn in private", and lurk. They consume content without creating any themselves. Again, that's fine, but we're here to talk about being in the top quintile. What you do here is to have a habit of creating learning exhaust. Write blogs and tutorials and cheatsheets. Speak at meetups and conferences. Ask and answer things on Stackoverflow or Reddit. (Avoid the walled gardens like Slack and Discourse, they're not public). Make Youtube videos

gtkatakura /
Created September 26, 2021 07:29 — forked from cvrebert/
Survey of screenshot-based CSS testing tools

Currently considering

Core Goals:

  • Can test in up-to-date versions of all major browsers
  • Can test on up-to-date versions of all major OSes
  • Can test in IE9 (because Bootstrap v4 will support IE9+)
  • Don't want to have to setup/maintain our own cluster of VMs running all the necessary OSes (and all the versions of Windows)
  • Workflow for management of reference/baseline/norm screenshots
gtkatakura / HtmlModuleScriptWebpackPlugin.js
Created March 22, 2021 18:37 — forked from robatwilliams/HtmlModuleScriptWebpackPlugin.js
Plugin to create HTML page which loads ES5 or ES6 build according to browser capability
const { concat, mapKeys, merge, uniq } = require('lodash');
* Tweaked from original by Mike Engel
* Use this with multiple Webpack configurations that generate different builds
* for modern and legacy browsers. But use the same instance of the plugin in both configurations.
* It keeps track of assets seen in each build configuration, and appends script tags for
gtkatakura / find-version-range-conflicts.ts
Created March 11, 2021 23:00 — forked from n1ru4l/find-version-range-conflicts.ts
Find conflicting package.json ranges in mono repository
* This is a simple script for detecting conflicting
* version ranges across packages inside a mono repository.
import fs from "fs";
import glob from "glob"; // yarn add -W -E -E -D glob@7.1.6
import { promisify } from "util";
const globP = promisify(glob);
const fsp = require("fs").promises;
const path = require("path");
const { execSync } = require("child_process");
const chalk = require("chalk");
const Confirm = require("prompt-confirm");
const jsonfile = require("jsonfile");
const semver = require("semver");
const packagesDir = path.resolve(__dirname, "../packages");
gtkatakura / esbuild-relay.js
Created February 24, 2021 14:01 — forked from sciyoshi/esbuild-relay.js
Esbuild plugin for compiling relay queries
import { promises } from "fs";
import crypto from "crypto";
import path from "path";
import { print, parse } from "graphql";
const plugin = {
name: "relay",
setup: build => {
build.onLoad({ filter: /\.tsx$/, namespace: "" }, async args => {
let contents = await promises.readFile(args.path, "utf8");