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miabrahams /
Last active March 2, 2024 18:07
Ffmpeg post-processing OBS Plugin
import obspython as obs
import subprocess
import os
import re
import datetime
# Info for potential OBS Python hackers!
# Tip 1 - Read the "OBS Studio Backend Design" documentation page. Read the documentation table of contents.
# Tip 2 - be sure to add to your script path to enable completion.
# Tip 3 - Some of the Python API is generated at runtime, so it won't show up in
hatarist / pg_get_table_sizes.sql
Created September 8, 2017 15:48
PostgreSQL: get table size (data & index & toast)
pg_size_pretty(table_bytes) AS table,
pg_size_pretty(index_bytes) AS index,
pg_size_pretty(total_bytes) AS total
*, total_bytes - index_bytes - COALESCE(toast_bytes, 0) AS table_bytes