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Herlon Aguiar herlon214

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herlon214 / next.config.js
Created July 3, 2022 02:47
NextJS 12 Hash Class Names
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const path = require('path')
const loaderUtils = require('loader-utils')
const hashOnlyIdent = (context, _, exportName) => {
const result = loaderUtils
.relative(context.rootContext, context.resourcePath)
.replace(/\\+/g, '/')}#className:${exportName}`
herlon214 /
Last active December 7, 2022 08:55
Personal Setup


I'm using this gist files as source of truth in order to make most of my development setup portable between my macbook and my ubuntu desktop.

herlon214 /
Created August 18, 2022 11:17 — forked from lifepillar/
Test 24 bit colors in terminals
# This file echoes a bunch of 24-bit color codes
# to the terminal to demonstrate its functionality.
# The foreground escape sequence is ^[38;2;<r>;<g>;<b>m
# The background escape sequence is ^[48;2;<r>;<g>;<b>m
# <r> <g> <b> range from 0 to 255 inclusive.
# The escape sequence ^[0m returns output to default
herlon214 /
Created August 18, 2022 11:14 — forked from andersevenrud/
True Color (24-bit) and italics with alacritty + tmux + vim (neovim)

True Color (24-bit) and italics with alacritty + tmux + vim (neovim)

This should make True Color (24-bit) and italics work in your tmux session and vim/neovim when using Alacritty (and should be compatible with any other terminal emulator, including Kitty).

Testing colors

Running this script should look the same in tmux as without.

curl -s >