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Core Data
Copyright (c) 2004-2022, Apple Inc.
All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/NSObject.h>
/* NSError codes for Core Data added errors in NSCocoaErrorDomain. Foundation error codes can be found in <Foundation/FoundationErrors.h>. AppKit error codes can be found in <AppKit/AppKitErrors.h>.
#import <CoreData/CoreDataDefines.h>
// User info keys for errors created by Core Data:
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSDetailedErrorsKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.4),ios(3.0)); // if multiple validation errors occur in one operation, they are collected in an array and added with this key to the "top-level error" of the operation
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSValidationObjectErrorKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.4),ios(3.0)); // object that failed to validate for a validation error
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSValidationKeyErrorKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.4),ios(3.0)); // key that failed to validate for a validation error
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSValidationPredicateErrorKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.4),ios(3.0)); // for predicate-based validation, the predicate for the condition that failed to validate
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSValidationValueErrorKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.4),ios(3.0)); // if non-nil, the value for the key that failed to validate for a validation error
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSAffectedStoresErrorKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.4),ios(3.0)); // stores prompting an error
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSAffectedObjectsErrorKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.4),ios(3.0)); // objects prompting an error
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSPersistentStoreSaveConflictsErrorKey API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.7),ios(5.0)); // key in NSError's userInfo specifying the NSArray of NSMergeConflict
COREDATA_EXTERN NSString * const NSSQLiteErrorDomain API_AVAILABLE(macosx(10.5),ios(3.0)); // Predefined domain for SQLite errors, value of "code" will correspond to preexisting values in SQLite.
enum : NSInteger {
NSManagedObjectValidationError = 1550, // generic validation error
NSManagedObjectConstraintValidationError = 1551, // one or more uniqueness constraints were violated
NSValidationMultipleErrorsError = 1560, // generic message for error containing multiple validation errors
NSValidationMissingMandatoryPropertyError = 1570, // non-optional property with a nil value
NSValidationRelationshipLacksMinimumCountError = 1580, // to-many relationship with too few destination objects
NSValidationRelationshipExceedsMaximumCountError = 1590, // bounded, to-many relationship with too many destination objects
NSValidationRelationshipDeniedDeleteError = 1600, // some relationship with NSDeleteRuleDeny is non-empty
NSValidationNumberTooLargeError = 1610, // some numerical value is too large
NSValidationNumberTooSmallError = 1620, // some numerical value is too small
NSValidationDateTooLateError = 1630, // some date value is too late
NSValidationDateTooSoonError = 1640, // some date value is too soon
NSValidationInvalidDateError = 1650, // some date value fails to match date pattern
NSValidationStringTooLongError = 1660, // some string value is too long
NSValidationStringTooShortError = 1670, // some string value is too short
NSValidationStringPatternMatchingError = 1680, // some string value fails to match some pattern
NSValidationInvalidURIError = 1690, // some URI value cannot be represented as a string
NSManagedObjectContextLockingError = 132000, // can't acquire a lock in a managed object context
NSPersistentStoreCoordinatorLockingError = 132010, // can't acquire a lock in a persistent store coordinator
NSManagedObjectReferentialIntegrityError = 133000, // attempt to fire a fault pointing to an object that does not exist (we can see the store, we can't see the object)
NSManagedObjectExternalRelationshipError = 133010, // an object being saved has a relationship containing an object from another store
NSManagedObjectMergeError = 133020, // merge policy failed - unable to complete merging
NSManagedObjectConstraintMergeError = 133021, // merge policy failed - unable to complete merging due to multiple conflicting constraint violations
NSPersistentStoreInvalidTypeError = 134000, // unknown persistent store type/format/version
NSPersistentStoreTypeMismatchError = 134010, // returned by persistent store coordinator if a store is accessed that does not match the specified type
NSPersistentStoreIncompatibleSchemaError = 134020, // store returned an error for save operation (database level errors ie missing table, no permissions)
NSPersistentStoreSaveError = 134030, // unclassified save error - something we depend on returned an error
NSPersistentStoreIncompleteSaveError = 134040, // one or more of the stores returned an error during save (stores/objects that failed will be in userInfo)
NSPersistentStoreSaveConflictsError = 134050, // an unresolved merge conflict was encountered during a save. userInfo has NSPersistentStoreSaveConflictsErrorKey
NSCoreDataError = 134060, // general Core Data error
NSPersistentStoreOperationError = 134070, // the persistent store operation failed
NSPersistentStoreOpenError = 134080, // an error occurred while attempting to open the persistent store
NSPersistentStoreTimeoutError = 134090, // failed to connect to the persistent store within the specified timeout (see NSPersistentStoreTimeoutOption)
NSPersistentStoreUnsupportedRequestTypeError = 134091, // an NSPersistentStore subclass was passed an NSPersistentStoreRequest that it did not understand
NSPersistentStoreIncompatibleVersionHashError = 134100, // entity version hashes incompatible with data model
NSMigrationError = 134110, // general migration error
NSMigrationConstraintViolationError = 134111, // migration failed due to a violated uniqueness constraint
NSMigrationCancelledError = 134120, // migration failed due to manual cancellation
NSMigrationMissingSourceModelError = 134130, // migration failed due to missing source data model
NSMigrationMissingMappingModelError = 134140, // migration failed due to missing mapping model
NSMigrationManagerSourceStoreError = 134150, // migration failed due to a problem with the source data store
NSMigrationManagerDestinationStoreError = 134160, // migration failed due to a problem with the destination data store
NSEntityMigrationPolicyError = 134170, // migration failed during processing of the entity migration policy
NSSQLiteError = 134180, // general SQLite error
NSInferredMappingModelError = 134190, // inferred mapping model creation error
NSExternalRecordImportError = 134200, // general error encountered while importing external records
NSPersistentHistoryTokenExpiredError = 134301 // The history token passed to NSPersistentChangeRequest was invalid
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