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Christopher Hunt huntc

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huntc / esliteImpl.scala
Created Mar 10, 2016
Sample of using Scala with the Java DSL of Lagom
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package com.lightbend.conductr.eslite
import javax.inject.Named
import akka.NotUsed
import akka.pattern.ask
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode
import com.lightbend.conductr.eslite.dto._
huntc / SemVer.scala
Last active Mar 22, 2019
Semantic version case class
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import scala.util.Try
type PreRelease = Either[String, Int]
object SemVer {
val pattern = """^(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)(-(([1-9a-zA-Z][0-9a-zA-Z-]*)(\.([1-9a-zA-Z][0-9a-zA-Z-]*))))?$""".r
def apply(s: String): SemVer =
s match {
case pattern(major, minor, patch, _, _, preRelease1, _, preRelease2) =>
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def render(project: Project.Value, path: String) = EssentialAction { rh =>
val futureAction = project match {
case Project.ConductR =>
.map {
case html: Html => Action(Ok(html))(rh)
case action: Action[AnyContent] => action(rh)
case DocRenderer.NotFound(p) => Action(NotFound(s"Cannot find $p"))(rh)
case DocRenderer.NotReady => Action(ServiceUnavailable("Initializing documentation. Please try again in a minute."))(rh)
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* Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Typesafe Inc. <>
import{ ActorRef, ActorRefFactory, FSM, Props }
import akka.pattern.ask
import{ OnComplete, OnError, OnNext }
import{ ActorSubscriber, RequestStrategy, ZeroRequestStrategy }
huntc / bundleRequest.scala
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Initial attempt at marshalling a bundle request given multipart formdata
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import{ActorRef, Actor}
import akka.http.Unmarshal
import akka.http.model.HttpMethods._
import akka.http.model.{ HttpEntity, HttpRequest, HttpResponse, MultipartFormData, StatusCodes }
import akka.http.unmarshalling.Unmarshalling
import akka.pattern.ask
import{ ImplicitFlowMaterializer, Flow }
import akka.util.{ Timeout, ByteString }
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package com.typesafe.reactiveruntime.resource
import{ActorRef, Props, Actor}
import akka.cluster.ClusterEvent.{MemberEvent, InitialStateAsEvents, MemberRemoved, MemberUp}
import akka.cluster.{Member, Cluster, UniqueAddress}
import akka.contrib.pattern.{DistributedPubSubMediator, DistributedPubSubExtension}
import com.typesafe.reactiveruntime.resource.ResourceProvider.Event.ResourceOffer
import com.typesafe.reactiveruntime.resource.ResourceProvider.RequestResources
import java.util.UUID
import scala.collection.immutable.HashSet
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case class StartBundle(bundleName: String, bundleSource: ActorRef, configName: String, configSource: Option[ActorRef])
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package com.typesafe.sbt.rr
import sbt._
import Keys._
import complete.DefaultParsers._
import com.typesafe.sbt.SbtNativePackager._
import NativePackagerKeys._
import sbt.complete.Parser
object Import {
huntc / gist:b0279d79fcb706e0e1e0
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Prototype stream buffer
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package com.typesafe.jse
import{IOException, OutputStream, InputStream}
import java.util.concurrent.locks.{Lock, ReentrantLock}
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit
import scala.concurrent.duration._
* Maintains a circular buffer where an output stream is used to push data into it, and an input stream is used to
* pull data from it. The caller is expected to *always* close the input and output streams.
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(function(sbt) {
var playScala = require("playScala");
var playKeys = playScala.keys;
"name": "test-jshint",
"version": "1.0-SNAPSHOT",
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