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Jan Killian iki

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Angular Seed

YAAS (Yet Another Angular Seed)

While know about the existence of ng-boilerplate, the angular-app repo on Github, or even Yeoman and it's angular-generator, none of those really fit the bill when it comes to structuring a medium to large application as it often is the case here at Clevertech.

This is not yet another angular seed: this is the collaborative effort of open source enthusiasts to solve the most of the problems in AngularJS development. Yes, we took the liberty of adding a bit of a bleak packaging but that allows us for dead-easy installing, upgrading and extending.

Let's dive into it.

iki /
Last active Dec 29, 2015
Getting started in a m.e.a.n. way (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js)
iki / logging.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Enable logs from your unit tests using logging.on|off() methods
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/*Enable logs from your unit tests using logging.on|off() methods.
Provides stringifier to stripped JSON for safe logging of objects
with cyclical references, DOM elements, angular scopes, or window.
By default, logging.on/off() works with window.console,
or with $log service if angular is detected.
By default, logging class attaches to jasmine.logging,
or mocha.logging, or window.logging.
iki / vm-cleanup
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Cleanup VM for exporting to appliance
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#|Usage: <command> [OPTIONS]
#|Clean development VM for exporting to appliance:
#| - update system: apt-get update and upgrade
#| - install zerofree package
#| - remove user ssh keys
#| - stop foreman and django
#| - stop mongodb, compact database, purge journal
iki /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
shell script to download [kxl]ubuntu release iso ... just rename the script to requested edition-release-type-platform
# use main ubuntu cdimage server
if [ "$edition" = 'ubuntu' ]; then
iki / app.js
Created Sep 17, 2014
snippets for dynamic color scheme
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if (settings.mainColor) {
_.each(document.styleSheets, function(styleSheet) {
if (styleSheet.title === 'mainColor') {
_.each(styleSheet.cssRules || styleSheet.rules, function(rule) {
if (rule.type === 1 && rule.cssText && {
if (rule.cssText.indexOf('BgColor') !== -1) {
console.log('style: background color ' + settings.mainColor + ' @ ' + rule.cssText, {rule: rule}); = settings.mainColor;
if (rule.cssText.indexOf('FontColor') !== -1) {
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# Edit this file as you like and merge with $HOME/.gitconfig (global) or .git/config (given repo only)
# See
# See
# or
# See
# or
fs = require 'fs'
log = console.log
dump = (obj) -> JSON.stringify obj, null, 2
keys = Object.keys
src = process.argv[2] or 'package.json'
log src
pkg = JSON.parse fs.readFileSync src
log 'JSON: ' + dump pkg