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Nadine Whitfield infomaven

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  • USA
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infomaven / fizzbuzz.js
Created March 1, 2015 07:39
FizzBuzz algorithm in javascrjipt
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for (var i =1; i < 21; i++) {
if( i%3 === 0 && i%5 === 0 ) {
} else if ( i%5 === 0 ) {
} else if (i%3 === 0 ) {
} else {
View gatling_redisFeederExample.scala
package sensorData
import io.gatling.core.Predef._
import io.gatling.http.Predef._
import io.gatling.jdbc.Predef._ // maybe not needed?
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import com.redis._
import io.gatling.redis.feeder._
View AutoObjectMembers.scala
object Settings {
final val Host = "host"
final val Protocol = "protocol"
object User {
final val Name = "username"
final val Password = "password"
object Subject {
infomaven / GatlingMultiConfigSimulation
Created November 5, 2014 08:36
Enables user to select between different execution profiles from the same Gatling Simulation class file
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val httpProtocol = http.baseURL("http://localhost:8000")
case class TestSetup(repeat: Int, users: InjectionStep, label: String) // <-- config holder
val sequentialUserTest = TestSetup(repeat = 100, atOnce(1 user), "sequential 1 user")
val oneUserPer4sTest = TestSetup(repeat = 2, constantRate(0.25 userPerSec).during(5 minutes), "1 usr/4s, 2 req / user")
val threeCentIn5Mins = TestSetup(repeat = 5, ramp(300).over(5 minute), "300 usr w/ 5 req in 5 mins")
val testSetUp = sequentialUserTest // <-- config selection (could be also done at runtime)
View ec2_getIP
While you can get the public and private IP address of your Amazon EC2 instance via the AWS Console, it may be extremely useful to query it from anywhere you can make an HTTP request, such a shell script. The operation is really simple, just make a GET request to the following URL from within your EC2 instance:
Local IP:
Public IP:
I often use this feature to pre-configure services and update configuration files, as in EC2 you get a new IP Address each time you reboot
infomaven / CracklePop.scala
Last active November 8, 2015 21:51
Classic program that prints strings based on results of using MOD function against a List
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Write a program that prints out the numbers 1 to 100 (inclusive).
If the number is divisible by 3, print Crackle instead of the number.
If it's divisible by 5, print Pop. If it's divisible by both 3 and 5,
print CracklePop. You can use any language.
/// any number x where x % y is divisible by that number. We'll use that fact to match boolean patterns in Scala.
//// In Scala RePL, copy-paste the function first. Then use the function in a second call from the REPL.
def listEval( number: Int ): String = (number % 3, number % 5 ) match {
infomaven /
Last active January 4, 2016 01:02
Java classes for FileFestivalPlanner project. Download all source files to same directory, compile and run from FestivalMain class.
import java.util.Collections;
import java.util.List;
* Created by nwhit8 on 11/1/15.
public class Day {
View gist:37477e12e6684e8b9b3697ddfb010b73
// create an alternative method for getting a list of defined enums to avoid system creating a clone of the String array
// this is the .values() method
public enum Car {
// normally what would happen
public static Car[] values() {
return (Car[])$VALUES.clone();
infomaven / gist:b68be75d6634bb91c6bc26c0f766bb26
Created December 19, 2016 20:02
HowTo: convert Maven to Gradle && Gradle to Maven
View gist:b68be75d6634bb91c6bc26c0f766bb26
- Navigate to directory where the POM is located
- Run gradle init
> this will convert the Maven build to Gradle build (new settings.gradle & one or more build.gradle files)
- Add Maven plugin to build.gradle file
apply plugin: 'java'
infomaven / gist:783c39cbddaf65c5a4c261d9c9ab9ae0
Created December 20, 2016 18:58
String array manipulations
View gist:783c39cbddaf65c5a4c261d9c9ab9ae0
Take note of length - it is used as a String[] property > strings.length AND as a method for a String
array element > strings[i].length().
public Map<String, String> pairs(String[] strings) {
Map<String,String> map = new HashMap<String,String>();
for (int i = 0; i < strings.length; i++ ) {
if (strings[i].length() == 1 ) {
Character first = strings[i].charAt(0);