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How I solved programmatically updating window.location from a child element in a subroute using events && \<app-route>


I was having trouble figureing out how to programmatically change window.location 
from a nested child element. In my case I wanted to send up a uri from dropdown.  
The `select-item` property was bound to  `location`, and `location` had an 
observer `_updateLocation`. 
		<x-dropdown selected-item="{{location}}"></x-dropdown>
			observer: '_updateLocation'	
I could have set `notify:true` on `location`, but then I would have to pass it 
up the chain. Instead I decided to use an event. 
		_updateLocation: function(item){'update-location-request', {
On the element that contians the `app-location` I set up a property called `location`
,it also has an `observer:'_updateLocation'` (these don't have to be named the same 
as on the child, it just worked out that way), . Finally I set up a listener for
		<app-location route="{{route}}" use-hash-as-path></app-location>
			type: String,

		_setRoute: function(){
			this.set('route.path', this.location)
		_updateLocation: function(e) {
          // will not call `_setRoute` more than once per 100ms
          this.debounce('update-location', function() {
          }, 100);
		ready: function(){
			this.addEventListener('update-location-request', function(e){
				this.location = e.detail.uri


The `debounce` allows things to catch up. It is `debounce` that makes this all work. 
With out it when you use the back button things get wonky, when a subroute triggers 
load of the drop down on the way back in browser history `location` get changed 
mulitple times and `debounce` restores some sanity 

Hi Ishmael, is there a specific reason there are no double quotes at this line:
selected-item={{location}} ?

Also, you can set the listener on your x-component.

<x-dropdown on-location-changed="_handleLocationChanged"></x-dropdown>


ishmaelahmed commented Nov 15, 2016

@joeyroosing: I forgot the quotes, thanks for pointing that out, it's been updated.

Setting up a listener on the <x-dropdown> assumes <x-dropdown> has it's own property called location and that when an item is selected it updates this prop in <x-dropdown>.

I was thinking of <x-dropdown> as something more generic/agnostic. I was thinking that all <x-dropdown> did was allow the user to select an item, and then make it available to it's parent and siblings.

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