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I need snow, now!

Ivan Starkov istarkov

I need snow, now!
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// no string get
const get = (fn, def) => {
try {
return fn();
} catch (e) {
return def;
// usage example
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How to setup atom with nuclide plugins.

You need to install next packages

  • hyperclick
  • nuclide-diagnostics-store
  • nuclide-diagnostics-ui
  • nuclide-flow

You need to add .flowconfig

istarkov / serialize.js
Last active Sep 10, 2019
Serialize promise calls (run promises sequentially)
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// promise
const sleep = (timeout, v) => new Promise(r => setTimeout(() => r(v), timeout));
// series to call
const series = [() => sleep(1000, 1), () => sleep(1000, 2), () => sleep(1000, 3)];
// serialize
const r = series
(m, p) => m.then(v => Promise.all([...v, p()])),
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Similar js toExponential method, but returns result in power format, instead of Xe-1 it returns X⋅10⁻¹

Usage example:

console.log(toPower(3, 111)); // out 1.110⋅10²
console.log(toPower(3, 0.00000000000000123)); //out 1.230⋅10⁻¹⁵
istarkov / 00
Last active Nov 26, 2017
How to style React components
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How to style React components

If you use sass and css-modules and want to restyle some base component without changing its code. (base component already use css-modules and exposes styles property)

I know two way how to do it.

  1. Using composes css-modules operator. Just extend classes you need, then in javascript code combine both styles as {...baseStyle, ...myStyleSimple}
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