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itsonlym3 /
Created May 19, 2018 07:39 — forked from toddq/
Dashing News Ticker Widget

##Description A Dashing widget that overlays a scrolling news ticker on the bottom of your Dashboard.

This widget is a little different, in that it doesn't occupy a typical space in the Dashing grid, but instead overlays the bottom of the dashboard. If it doesn't have any data, it will be hidden. If you send it an array of Strings, it will scroll through them either vertically or horizontally. Our office uses it on our dashboards to occasionally flash important notices or reminders in an eye catching fashion, most of the time it is not displayed.

See and for a live demo.


itsonlym3 /
Created May 19, 2018 07:49 — forked from wesee/
Weatheroutlook Dashing Widget


Simple Dashing widget that tracks time since a certain event. Time Since Last waits for request to be made to your instance of Dashing and will then reset the time since the last occurrence of whatever event you would like to track. An example could be the time since the last exception for one of your applications, or the time since the last accident on the workfloor (better keep that widget green)!

The widget was made by @hannesfostie for use @openminds. If you end up using this widget, please send me a tweet! I'd love to hear about it.


This widget requires HTML5's localStorage in order to keep track of the last time the event occurred in order for it to work across restarts and refreshes.

itsonlym3 / raymarch-100-ascii.lua
Created February 19, 2021 03:03 — forked from cjxgm/raymarch-100-ascii.lua
raymarching ascii-art rendering in 100-lines of lua
View raymarch-100-ascii.lua
-- vector
local vector = (function()
local mt = {}
mt.__index = mt
local vector
vector = function(x, y, z)
if type(x) == 'table' then