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Working from home

Ivan Kuznetsov ivanku

Working from home
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using Requests
using LibExpat
using DataFrames
using Plotly
using Colors
res = get("");
et = xp_parse(bytestring(;
rows = LibExpat.find(et, "//table[1]//tr");
ivanku / heights_climate.jl
Created October 6, 2016 05:48
Are People in Colder Countries Taller? Code for downloading data and creating a visualization of average human male height as a function of country average annual temperature.
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using Requests
using DataFrames
using ExcelReaders
using Plotly
using Colors
# read population height dataset
heightsUrl = "";
heights = get(heightsUrl; timeout = 30.0)
if heights.status != 200
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package main
import "fmt"
import "math/rand"
import "time"
const NoOfGames = 10000
const NoOfDoors = 3
func main() {