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jack126guy / test.php
Last active January 5, 2016 07:42
phpDocumentor test
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* Test file
* @author Jack126Guy
* @license
* Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal
namespace {
jack126guy / Dockerfile
Last active January 14, 2016 18:13
Dockerfile for jack126guy/debian-jessie-us
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#This file is in the public domain (
FROM debian:jessie
MAINTAINER Jack126Guy <>
RUN sed -i -e s/httpredir/ /etc/apt/sources.list
jack126guy /
Created January 23, 2016 20:55
Notes on compiling Sonic Pi on Debian Stretch

Compiling Sonic Pi on Debian Stretch

This supplements the Linux installation instructions from Sonic Pi:

  • Just install ruby instead of ruby2.1. The default is now 2.2, and it works just fine.
  • Of the "try these" packages, I installed only libffi-dev. I don't know if this is strictly necessary.
  • You must use the Qt5 version of Scintilla because of this bug. Follow the instructions for using Qt5.
  • If you get the error:

lrelease: could not exec '/usr/lib/...': No such file or directory

jack126guy /
Last active April 8, 2016 09:50
JackBot (Canternet)-specific files for PCommandBot
Main class for JackBot. Like the default main class, it requires a path to the configuration file to be provided on the command line.
Custom responders:
* tk.halfgray.pcommandbot.responders.XkcdResponder:
Available under the MIT License (below):
View 30-comic-sans-aliases.conf
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
<family>Comic Sans MS</family>
<family>Comic Neue</family>
jack126guy /
Created December 23, 2017 08:32
Shell script to demonstrate generation loss in an audio file
FLAGS='-b:a 128k'
while [ $COUNT -lt $MAX ]; do
if [ $COUNT -eq 0 ]; then
jack126guy /
Created September 1, 2018 07:09
Convert EFF's 3d20 passphrase word files ( ) to raw lists
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from argparse import ArgumentParser
import re
arg_parser = ArgumentParser(description="Convert EFF's 3d20 passphrase word files to raw lists")
arg_parser.add_argument("input_file", help="Original word file")
arg_parser.add_argument("output_file", help="Raw word list file")
args = arg_parser.parse_args()
jack126guy / gradient-test.svg
Last active March 24, 2019 19:09
Test of support for "currentColor" in SVG gradients
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jack126guy /
Last active May 28, 2020 21:14
Comments on BABSCon's HTTPS config

Update (2020-05-28): Another test was conducted around 2020-05-28T21:00Z and the results are much better:

The original notes follow.

jack126guy / pause
Last active May 28, 2020 21:22
Emulate the DOS/Windows PAUSE command on Unix-like systems
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#You probably want to put this in /usr/local/bin
echo "Press Enter to continue... "
read REPLY