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Jake Bathman jakebathman

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jakebathman / geoDistance.php
Last active Jul 15, 2020
Lat/Lon Distance Calculator
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* Calculate the distance between two points on a sphere
* Implements the Haversine formula:
* More advanced calculation (good for antipodal points) can be used by using
* FALSE for $boolUseHaversine. This will use another solution to the Great-circle
* ditance problem (, implementing
* the Vincenty formula (
jakebathman / botPost.php
Last active Jul 12, 2020
GroupMe bot post function including @mentions
View botPost.php
* Post a message from a bot to a group
* $groupId (string) GroupId of the group to post the message
* $strMessage (string) Text of the message to post (limit of 1000 characters)
* $strBotId (string) ID of the bot which will post the message
* $mentionUsers (array) [optional] array of userIds to mention (uses attachment)
* Example array of userIds:
jakebathman /
Created Mar 14, 2017
CentOS box initial setup script
# Base box setup steps
# Do the steps below as root user
sudo su
# The steps below are based on a clean install on
# CentOS 7 (build 1608)
jakebathman / StateBoundaries.sql
Last active Jun 10, 2020
The approximate max/min latitude and longitude for all states and major territories
View StateBoundaries.sql
-- Create the table
`State` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
`Name` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
`MinLat` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
`MaxLat` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
`MinLon` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
`MaxLon` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL
jakebathman / init.lua
Last active May 18, 2020
Hammerspoon config
View init.lua
-- Clear the console
-- Set the default grid
hs.grid.MARGINX = 0
hs.grid.MARGINY = 0
hs.grid.GRIDWIDTH = 20
hs.grid.GRIDHEIGHT = 100
-- Also can be set using hs.grid.setGrid'20x100'
jakebathman / jsonToCsv.php
Last active May 8, 2020 — forked from Kostanos/json-to-csv.php
A function to convert a JSON string (or a PHP array) to a CSV file or CSV string echoed to the browser
View jsonToCsv.php
* Based on (forked from) the work by
* This revision allows the PHP file to be included/required in another PHP file and called as a function, rather than focusing on command line usage.
* Convert JSON file to CSV and output it.
* JSON should be an array of objects, dictionaries with simple data structure
jakebathman / remove_laravel_comments.php
Last active Apr 29, 2020
Remove comments from fresh Laravel files
View remove_laravel_comments.php
| Remove Laravel Comments
| Just made a new Laravel project, but don't want all those big
| comment blocks? Put this in the root of your project and run
| "php remove_laravel_comments.php"
jakebathman /
Last active Jan 22, 2020
Laravel 5.8 deprecated helpers regex search
jakebathman / thats-no-moon.js
Created Jan 21, 2020
Get the current phase of the moon, and adjust a sprite for it
View thats-no-moon.js
const phases=[
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"new"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"wax-crescent-1"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"wax-crescent-2"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"wax-crescent-3"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"wax-crescent-4"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"wax-crescent-5"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"wax-crescent-6"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"quarter-1"},
{"sprite-x":123, "sprite-y":987, phase:"wax-gibbous-1"},

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