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james-Ballyhoo / critcss.snippet.js
Created September 18, 2015 08:34
Based off of , but with support for media queries and dumps css to a textarea in a panel stuck to the top of the page. Only tested in Chrome, uses height of window to determine "critical path".
var container = document.createElement("div"); = "_CRIT_CSS";
container.innerHTML = '<textarea cols=80 rows=20></textarea><button id="CRIT_FIND">Find Critical CSS</button><button id="CRIT_CLOSE">Exit</button>'; = "fixed"; = 0; = 0; = 0; = "#FFF";
james-Ballyhoo / backup-bitbucket.js
Created April 11, 2022 15:35
Bitbucket full backup script (deno)
* Bitbucket bulk backup script using Deno.
* Backs up all the repos in a workspace to a mirror
* note: Use an app password scoped to read repo only
* workspace is the url slug for your username/company/group etc
* Should also update existing bare repos that are found.
* Released under MIT License, use at own risk