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Jason Dew jasondew

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View credit_card.rb
class CreditCard < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :order
has_one :billing_address, :as => :addressable, :class_name => "Address", :dependent => :destroy
accepts_nested_attributes_for :billing_address
before_validation :clean_number
View algebra.rb
module Algebra
class MaximumIterationsReached < Exception
class NewtonsMethod
def self.calculate(function, x)
x - function.evaluated_at(x) / function.derivative_at(x)
View irr.rb
require 'algebra'
class IRR
def self.calculate(profits)
rescue Algebra::MaximumIterationsReached => mir
View gist:470216
getPixel :: Point -> Image -> IO Color
getPixel (x,y) i =
withImagePtr i $
\p -> gdImageGetTrueColorPixel p (int x) (int y)
View gist:470217
getPixels :: Image -> IO [[Color]]
getPixels image =
do (width, height) <- imageSize image
pixelsPointer <- withImagePtr image $
\gdi -> #{peek gdImage, tpixels} gdi
columnPixelArray <- peekArray height pixelsPointer
mapM (\a -> peekArray width a) columnPixelArray
View runtimes.hs
import Data.List
import Text.Printf
import Numeric
tolerance :: Double
tolerance = 1e-2
e :: Double
e = 2.718281828
View my_controller.rb
class MyControllerOrPlainRubyObject
extend CodedOptions
coded_options :state, %w(initial active closed)
STATES = %w(initial active closed)
STATE_OPTIONS = [["initial", 0],
["active", 1],
["closed", 2]]
View controller.rb
extend CodedOptions
coded_options :state => ["Active", "Under Appeal", "Terminated"],
:category => ["Private, Non-profit", "Private, For-profit", "Publicly Sponsored", "Church Sponsored", "Head Start Organization", "Public School 4K", "Military Prog
:type => ["Center Child Care", "Accredited Center", "Group Day Care", "Family Day Care", "Exemption"],
:authorization_type => %w(License Approval Military Exempt DDSN),
:county => %w(Abbeville Aiken Allendale Anderson Bamberg Barnwell Beaufort Berkeley Calhoun Charleston Cherokee Chester Chesterfield Clarendon Colleton Darlingto
:time => %w(closed 1:00AM 1:15AM 1:30AM 1:45AM 2:00AM 2:15AM 2:30AM 2:45AM 3:00AM 3:15AM 3:30AM 3:45AM 4:00AM 4:15AM 4:30AM 4:45AM 5:00AM 5:15AM 5:30AM 5:45AM
:status => %w(Open Closed Partial/Exception)
View view.html.haml
= edit f, [[:name , "Name"],
[:fein , "FEIN"],
[:fein_suffix , "FEIN suffix"],
[:state_id , "State"],
[:category_id , "Category"]
View controller.rb
class Controller < ApplicationController
def show
@transaction_record = TransactionRecord.find(...)
respond_to do |wants|
wants.pdf { send_data @transaction_record.pdf }
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