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working on it...

josh bowles jbowles

working on it...
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am jbowles on github.
* I am jbowles ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is 18A2 A842 FEB6 3E60 3CB3 AC80 3A7B 98D5 D2AA FE72
To claim this, I am signing this object:
View word_counter.ex
defmodule WordCounter do
def count(sent) do
sent |> normalize |> find_words |> count_unique |> Enum.sort()
def find_words(sent) do
Regex.scan(~r/\w+/, sent)

I can only rebind a variable that is explicitly declared as mutable; cool.

fn main() {
    let mut x: int = 5;
    x = 10i;
    println!("value of x: {}", x); // -> 10
// Using the Unicode Names package:
//require macros...
// in Cargo.toml looks like this:
// [dependencies.unicode_names_macros]
// git = ""
#[phase(plugin)] extern crate unicode_names_macros;
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# mongo_template.rb
# remove unneeded defaults
run "rm public/index.html"
run "rm public/images/rails.png"
run "rm public/javascripts/controls.js"
run "rm public/javascripts/dragdrop.js"
run "rm public/javascripts/effects.js"
run "rm public/javascripts/prototype.js"
View monkey_patcher.rb
module MonkeyPatcher
errors = []
port = Mongo::Connection::DEFAULT_PORT
db_conn ='host', port).db('db')
db_error ='host', port).db('db')
jbowles /
Created May 7, 2012
(Re)Build String to MultiValue Hash
#!/usr/bin/env python
def builder(string1,string2):
return string1 + ' ' + string2
def insert(string_list):
return [char +'-' for char in string_list]
def joiner(string_list):
return ''.join(x for x in string_list)
jbowles / jambda.js
Created May 28, 2012
trying to get node lambdas/anons down
View jambda.js
var first = function(){return 'first';},
second = function(){return 'second';},
func_one = function(someFunction, someValue){someFunction(someValue);},
func_two = function(anotherFunction, anotherValue){anotherFunction(anotherValue);};
function say(word) {console.log(word);}
function speak(anotherWord) {console.log(anotherWord);}
* run the two functions above
jbowles / lamba.rb
Created May 28, 2012
basic ruby lambda call
View lamba.rb
def func_one
func_one = lambda do
puts "lambda_one"
def func_two
func_two = lambda do
puts "lambda_two"
jbowles / digger.rb
Created Jun 19, 2012
Goldmine collections in MongoDb
View digger.rb
# Use case for goldmine:
# the pivoting functionality of Goldmine#dig allows you to easily mine data
# from Mongo collections
require 'goldmine'
require 'mongo'
require 'yajl'
class Digger
# Convenience for connecting to MongoDB database instance on localhost