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The function manipulation language

"I just implemented Conway's Game of Life in two lines of code. #fml"

pad = x flip[stitch] 0, stitch 0, flip[cat] 0, cat 0
life = pad, neighborhoods[3 3], [ravel, [sum in?: [x @ 4, + 3; 3]]]/2
jckarter /
Created August 23, 2012 19:57
Factor modules design

A package system for Factor

Factor's current module system and development model is heavily monolithic, reflecting Factor's history as a small-scale hobby project. The default settings encourage development within the Factor source tree and make it difficult to accommodate packaged read-only installations or projects developed outside of the source tree. Altering the module search path to accommodate these use cases is currently a manual and error-prone process. This proposal describes a new model for module lookup and installation with the following improvements:

  • a standardized search path for modules, allowing for global, user-local, project-local, and
jckarter /
Created August 15, 2017 16:22 — forked from lattner/
Concrete proposal for async semantics in Swift

Async/Await for Swift


Modern Cocoa development involves a lot of asynchronous programming using closures and completion handlers, but these APIs are hard to use. This gets particularly problematic when many asynchronous operations are used, error handling is required, or control flow between asynchronous calls gets complicated. This proposal describes a language extension to make this a lot more natural and less error prone.

This paper introduces a first class Coroutine model to Swift. Functions can opt into to being async, allowing the programmer to compose complex logic involving asynchronous operations, leaving the compiler in charge of producing the necessary closures and state machines to implement that logic.

jckarter / tbb40-libc++-c++11-support.diff
Created July 21, 2012 02:26
Patch Intel Threading Building Blocks to support clang -std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++ on macosx
diff -Nur -x 'macos_*' tbb40_20120613oss.orig/build/ tbb40_20120613oss/build/
--- tbb40_20120613oss.orig/build/ 1969-12-31 16:00:00.000000000 -0800
+++ tbb40_20120613oss/build/ 2012-07-20 15:10:31.000000000 -0700
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+include $(tbb_root)/build/
+LIBS += -stdlib=libc++
+CPLUS_FLAGS += -stdlib=libc++
+CPP11_FLAGS = -std=c++11 -D_TBB_CPP0X
#include <vector>
struct vec4 {
float __attribute__((vector_size(16))) elts;
void putVec4(vec4 *out, const std::vector<float> &v) {
*out = {{v[0], v[1], v[2], v[3]}};
jckarter / gist:1227286
Created September 19, 2011 19:04
+ methods in factor
( scratchpad ) \ + see-methods
USING: math math.private ;
M: bignum + bignum+ ; inline
USING: math math.complex.private ;
M: complex + [ + ] complex-op ; inline
USING: math math.private ;
M: fixnum + fixnum+ ; inline
jckarter / property.swift
Created May 1, 2015 03:30
Capture property getter/setter
public class Property<T> {
let getter: () -> T
let setter: T -> ()
public init(_ getter: () -> T, _ setter: T -> ()) {
self.getter = getter
self.setter = setter
public var value: T {