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Available for training, coaching and trouble-shooting (as usual)..

Jens W. Klein jensens

Available for training, coaching and trouble-shooting (as usual)..
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i3-wm.gaps.focus_follows_mouse: yes
i3-wm.program.files: /usr/bin/nemo 1:<span font_desc='JetBrains Mono Medium 10'> 1 terminal </span> 2:<span font_desc='JetBrains Mono Medium 10'> 2 web </span> 3:<span font_desc='JetBrains Mono Medium 10'> 3 dev </span> 4:<span font_desc='JetBrains Mono Medium 10'> 4 mail </span> 5:<span font_desc='JetBrains Mono Medium 10'> 5 chat </span>
jensens /
Created Feb 18, 2021
Rsync via hard link whole tree of blobs (Plone/Zope)
echo "COPY DB ----------------------------------------------------------------------"
rm -rf latest-pgdb
cp -R live-pgdb latest-pgdb
chown -R 500.1001 latest-pgdb
echo "COPY BLOBS -------------------------------------------------------------------"
LINKDEST=`python3 -c "import os.path; print(os.path.relpath('$SOURCE', '$TARGET'))"`
rsync -avh --delete-during --link-dest=$LINKDEST $SOURCE/ $TARGET
jensens / XResources
Created Feb 8, 2021
My Regolith 1.5 Configuration
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i3-wm.gaps.focus_follows_mouse: yes eDP-1 no 1: term 2: web 3: dev 4: apps 5: files
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# jensens i3wm config
set $mainscreen LVDS1
set $sidescreen VGA1
# i3 config file (v4)
# Please see for a complete reference!
set $mod Mod4
jensens / email.txt
Created Apr 10, 2020
Simon von der LUGT hat beim Roten Kreuz nachgefragt (08.04.20 17:27)
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Ich habe beim Roten Kreuz nachgefragt - sie werden den Source Code der
App offenlegen - Fahrplan dazu habe ich aber keinen bekommen (siehe
Auszug aus dem Mail unten).
jensens / pyproject.toml
Created Nov 29, 2018
Plone style Black and Isort cfg
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line-length = 79
# skip-string-normalization = true
jensens / INSTALL.rst
Last active Apr 13, 2019
sentry setup with docker-compose
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In order to run this image do: docker-compose up -d to get all up. On first run DB initialization and initial user setup is done like so:

First start a bash in the container: docker-compose exec sentry /bin/bash. Then, inside bash, do sentry upgrade wait until it asks you for an inital user. When finished exit the bash.

When in doubt check with docker-compose ps if all went fine.

jensens /
Created Oct 16, 2017
Show Event Start-End with Zope Content Provider usage
<time class="datum"
tal:define="result python:view.datedict"
case 1: whole day, same day
Mo, 21.01.2015
jensens / buildout.cfg
Created Aug 13, 2018
Sentry on Docker to monitor Zope (for Andreas)
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eggs +=
event-log-custom =
%import raven.contrib.zope
jensens /
Created Jul 2, 2018
Simple percentage report of end of tests output.
Simple percentage report of end of tests output. Copy the line from there and pass to script:
usage: $./ 9372 tests, 180 failures, 324 errors and 266 skipped in 22 minutes 25.188 seconds
green : 91.784%
failures: 1.921%