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Enjoying SoCal "Fall"

Jimmy Wilson jimmynotjim

Enjoying SoCal "Fall"
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jimmynotjim / include-tweets.php
Created Apr 7, 2012 — forked from ericrasch/include-tweets.php
How to display your latest tweets in your WordPress site without a plugin
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// How to display your latest tweets in your WordPress site without a plugin
// Source:
include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . '/feed.php');
$username = "EricRasch"; // Just insert the username of the Twitter account you want to display
$feed = "$username.rss"; // Changed the code from to actually use the username variable
$num = 2; // Set the number of Tweets you want to display
jimmynotjim / first-paragraph-class.php
Created Apr 7, 2012 — forked from ericrasch/first-paragraph-class.php
WordPress: Add Class to first Paragraph in WordPress the_content; (add this to the functions.php in your Theme)
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/* =BEGIN: Add Class to first Paragraph in WordPress the_content();
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
function first_paragraph($content){
// Testing to see if the content is a Page or Custom Post Type of school, if so, display the text normally (without the class = intro).
if ( is_page() || ('school' == get_post_type() ) ) {
return preg_replace('/<p([^>]+)?>/', '<p$1>', $content, 1);
} else {
return preg_replace('/<p([^>]+)?>/', '<p$1 class="intro">', $content, 1);
jimmynotjim / content-kitchen-sink.html
Created Apr 7, 2012 — forked from ericrasch/content-kitchen-sink.html
HTML Kitchen Sink (taken from BlueTrip CSS Framework) includes the major (and minor) HTML tags you might use on any given site.
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<h1>Level 1 heading</h1>
<p>Sed scelerisque sagittis lorem. Phasellus sodales. Nulla urna justo, vehicula in, suscipit nec, molestie sed, tellus.</p>
<h1 class="fancy">Level 1 heading class="fancy"</h1>
<p>Sed scelerisque sagittis lorem. Phasellus sodales. Nulla urna justo, vehicula in, suscipit nec, molestie sed, tellus.</p>
<h1 class="thin">Level 1 heading class="thin"</h1>
jimmynotjim / gist:2663844
Created May 12, 2012 — forked from jonathanmoore/gist:2640302
Get the share counts from various APIs
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Share Counts

I have always struggled with getting all the various share buttons from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc to align correctly and to not look like a tacky explosion of buttons. Seeing a number of sites rolling their own share buttons with counts, for example The Next Web I decided to look into the various APIs on how to simply return the share count.

If you want to roll up all of these into a single jQuery plugin check out Sharrre

Many of these API calls and methods are undocumented, so anticipate that they will change in the future. Also, if you are planning on rolling these out across a site I would recommend creating a simple endpoint that periodically caches results from all of the APIs so that you are not overloading the services will requests.


jimmynotjim /
Created Jul 19, 2012 — forked from imathis/
Tweetbot can use regular expressions to mute tweets in your timeline and mentions.

##Simply annoying Tweets

Annoyingly extended words (4+ of the same letter in a phrase): OOOOHHHHMMMMYYYYGGGGOOOODDDD


Tweet w/ just a single hashtag: #omgthissucks

^ *#[^ ]+$
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// selectorSupported lovingly lifted from the mad italian genius, diego perini
function selectorSupported(selector){
var support, link, sheet, doc = document,
root = doc.documentElement,
head = root.getElementsByTagName('head')[0],
impl = doc.implementation || {
View fn-post-custom-fields-infographic.php
$ig_post_custom_fields = array (
"infographic" => array(
"name" => "is_infographic",
"std" => "",
"title" => "Is this an infographic post?",
"description" => "If you check this box, we'll add a Pin It share option.",
"type" => "checkbox"),
"image_url" => array(
View web-app.html
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta content="yes" name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable">
<!-- iPhone -->
<link href=""
View Web product guidelines
- simple
- public over private
- personal vanity
- internet is global
- permalinks
- one important item per page
- don't break the browser
- don't wanker in technology
- a medium is not a grande
- break convention for your users
View US Custom.keylayout
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE keyboard PUBLIC "" "file://localhost/System/Library/DTDs/KeyboardLayout.dtd">
<!--Last edited by Ukelele version 2.1.10 on 2012-07-12 at 12:43 (EDT)-->
<keyboard group="0" id="5593" name="U.S. Custom" maxout="1">
<layout first="0" last="17" modifiers="f4" mapSet="16c"/>
<layout first="18" last="18" modifiers="f4" mapSet="984"/>
<layout first="21" last="23" modifiers="f4" mapSet="984"/>
<layout first="30" last="30" modifiers="f4" mapSet="984"/>
<layout first="194" last="194" modifiers="f4" mapSet="984"/>